Abeline Walker is one of the main characters on The CW crime drama series, Walker. She is the mother of Cordell and Liam Walker.


The CW's official character description: "an unstoppable force of nature. Abeline is a third-generation Texas rancher. Smart and perceptive, she always puts the family first and never hesitates to give advice whether asked for or not."[1]


Abeline married Bonham Walker and they had two children together, Cordell and Liam Walker. When their children moved out to live their respective lives, Abeline and Bonham had a quaint life together on their ranch. She became a doting Grandmother to Cordell's children Stella and August. When Cordell's wife Emily is murdered and Cordell takes an undercover assignment, Stella and August moved in with their Grandparents. Abeline tried her best to comfort the grieving children and work to get them the best education possible, including enrolling them in Sacred Heart high school, a Catholic school, and trying to get August to open up while keeping Stella out of trouble


In Pilot, the family plays a board game with Walker completely lost on the rules. He claims it isn’t fair that he’s losing as he doesn’t know the rules. Stella cheers as they all get a bonus turn if someone says the game isn’t fair. Abeline notes that Stella knew he would fold. She is annoyed when Cordell excuses himself to make a call that he claims is for work, though is actually Emily telling him her last words before her murder.

Eleven months later, Abeline has taken care of Stella and August with the help of her husband Bonham and youngest son, Liam. Abeline attends Walker's homecoming the night of his arrival, though Walker never showed. The next morning, Walker heads to his parents' ranch to see them. He is greeted by two dogs followed by his mother’s hug of gratitude. Abeline notes that if she knew he was coming she would have kept Stella home, but Cordell claims he’ll see her tonight. August runs up to hug his father, who remarks on his growth. Liam greets him moments later and they hug before playfully wrestling until their mother yells at them to stop.

That night, Cordell comes home for dinner where the animosity between him and his parents becomes clear. Stella is absent as she’s out with a friend, Isabel, who is a friend from school. Abeline tells Walker that she enrolled the kids at Sacred Heart High, a Catholic school. The idea still doesn’t sit well with Walker, as he and Emily didn’t want to raise their children in religion. Bonham sharply retorts that he should thank Abeline for giving them a proper education. Walker learns that Stella is in soccer now and August has been using Emily’s old camera. Walker’s phone rings much to his parent’s chagrin. He excuses himself as he needs to pick Stella up from the police station.

The next day, Cordell visits his parents once more. Bonham is still angry with Stella, though a look from Abeline makes him leave. Cordell talks with his mother who recommends he leave Stella alone for a while. She advises him that parenting doesn’t come automatically, as he has to take a minute to get ot know them again. She’s feisty and smart as just like him. August is good but Abeline warns Walker not to take him for granted. She thinks Walker needs to be here with his parents and recommends moving into the farmhouse on the edge of the property. He realizes that she’s already refurbished it and prepared the home. He tells her about the job opportunity to be in a task force, though August walks in before Cordell can explain. Abeline cryptically remarks that she knows Cordell will make the right choice.

In Back in The Saddle, Cordell calls Abeline to tell her he’s fixing up the old house as he still has the mortgage there. She wants him to hurry home to hug his kids, with him planning to if they let him.

It’s morning in the Walker ranch, with Bonham teaching August how to use a leather kit, Abeline quipping on his lack of organization, and Liam making a smoothie for Stella. Cordell tries to keep up with the family’s new pace but finds himself a step behind, which Abeline and Bonham find slightly amusing. Cordell disagrees with Abeline’s encouragement to live in the farmhouse, as she thinks the children need stability while he thinks they need to get back to normal. She watches Stella and Cordell bicker before they all leave the kitchen, with Cordell being left alone.

That afternoon, Abeline watches August from afar and confides in Bonham about her worries over August. She worries about Cordell as well and wants Bonham to talk to his son, but he’s hesitant to have him move back in as it isn’t a fresh start moving in with your parents. Cordell has to decide what’s right on his own. Later that night, Abeline watches a conversation between Cordell and Bonham.


  • This is the first iteration of Cordell Walker's mother, as she was deceased in the original series.


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