Adriana Ramirez is a guest character on The CW reboot crime drama series, Walker.


The CW's official character description: "a successful psychiatrist and published author and mother of Micki Ramirez, Cordell Walker’s new partner in the Texas Rangers. She is a strong personality who’s manipulative and very invasive when it comes to her daughter Micki’s life."


Adriana is the sister of Mercedes Ruiz, who unable to care for her daughter Nina Ruiz, and left the child in the care of Adriana. Mercedes then checked into rehab for a stint that was supposed to last three-months. Three years later, Nina had grown up believing Adriana to be her biological mother, so when Mercedes returned, Adriana asked her sister to let her be Nina's mother. Mercedes refused unless Adriana paid her, so she did. Adriana moved to Texas with Nina and legally changed their surnames. She also changed Nina's name to Michelle "Micki" Ramirez. When Micki inquired about the origin of her nickname, she was told that Adriana thought she would have a son.



  • Micki Ramirez used the alias Adriana in Duke while she infiltrated the criminal gang the Rodeo Kings.


Adriana to Walker: "I don't know what Micki told you, but this is not about rotten apples. This is about a rotten system."
-- Bar None