Bobble Head is the third episode of the first season of The CW series Walker. It premiered on February 4, 2021.


MATT BARR GUEST STARS AS WALKER’S CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND -- Walker’s life gets more complicated when his childhood best friend, Hoyt Rawlins, returns to town. Abeline is thrilled to have Hoyt home but Geri has conflicted feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Micki has her suspicions about the real reason Hoyt returned to town.[1]



Cordell and Emily sit in her red mustang, with her assuring him that they’re ready for this big step. He drives forward a few feet then jerks to a stop, unable to drive a stick shift. She compares getting used to the stick shift as breaking a mustang, but he doesn’t want to break the car. He suggests going down to Side Step which she agrees with - as long as he drives. She puts a bobblehead on the dashboard as a reminder that he’s always smiling, with no judgment, and puts his mind at ease. He tries again and this time, he succeeds with much hesitation.

Seventeen years later, Walker puts the bobblehead on the dash of Micki’s new truck. He approves of the new vehicle which she is deeply confused by. He repeats Emily’s statement that the bobblehead is for good luck - always smiling, never judging. She is unconvinced but he asks if she’s tried her new features yet, but she hasn’t had time with the stakeout. It’s her first one as a Ranger, which he thinks is a big moment for them. He wants to use the time to get to know one another, but she would prefer to focus on the job. He reminds Micki that they’re only there to watch Toretto not arrest her. He tries to guess her middle-name but she deflects to ask about Stella, to which he claims they’re in a good place. He wants to live in their good place a little longer, but she reminds him that no one can live in a good place forever.

Inside the club, a male stripper dances with the pole and across the stage. He approaches a woman and invites her to the back of the club, but she passes on the offer until he whispers that he saw Rangers out front but can sneak them out the back. She agrees to his plan.

Cordell puts his feet on the dash and asks about how her parent’s parental styles, but she still deflects. She was talking about Garrison Murphy, her old friend, while Cordell was rambling. They had crazy teen years together and got into a lot of trouble, which he finds amusing. She notices that Torretto hasn’t left the club yet. They head inside and ask a male stripper if anyone is in the back, but there isn’t. They hear rumbling outside and flee to see Micki’s truck fleeing the scene. Cordell is angered at the loss of his bobblehead.

August and Stella walk to school together, with him pretending to be a Safari voiceover person. He compares the students around them to different animals and their nature-based behaviors. They are stopped by two girls who invite Stella to the bonfire but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea with her court date. She also doesn’t want to ask her dad for help as they’re finally on good terms. The group disperses but Ruby appears to ask August if he’s attending the bonfire, which he brushes off as if it is not his thing. Upon seeing her disappointment and learning that she will be attending, he changes his mind and agrees to go. She reminds him that Freshmans have to bring a bottle of booze.

Abeline walks in on Bonham removing the fine china which he is hiding since her guest is not family. She takes the china and puts it away, with her thinking that just because Bonham thinks differently of their guest doesn’t mean they can’t be nice. He goes to hide his expensive liquor but she asks him to give their guest a chance, to which he agrees. She takes the liquor out of his hands to return it.

At the police station, James gives the Rangers a run-down of Torreto’s operation. They lost eyes on her earlier that morning but she’ll be in town for another 36 hours before she picks up the weapons. They don’t have much intel on Terreto but are aware of one known associate, showing a video of a male stripper doing a victory kick moments before stealing Micki’s truck. He asks if Micki and Cordell know the make and model of the car Terreto and the stripper stole, to which Micki admits that it was her truck. The Rangers and officers around them snicker but Cordell takes responsibility for the incident. James instructs them to find Terreto, Micki’s truck, and find out who the naked cowboy is.

Cordell drives home where he is attacked from behind and thrown to the ground. Cordell chases the attacker around the truck until finally apprehending him, recognizing the man as Hoyt Rawlins. He throws Hoyt to the ground and accuses him of stealing Micki’s truck, as he knows Hoyt’s victory touchdown dance that was caught on camera. Hoyt feigns confusion, but Cordell isn’t buying it and demands to know if Hoyt is in town to work with Terreto. Hoyt claims to be in town to visit Cordell and gathers his hat. Cordell wants to know how Hoyt knew the Rangers would be there, to which he ominously answers that maybe they were spotted. Abeline emerges from the house and sees Hoyt. She runs to give him a big hug full of excitement. She ushers him into the house.

Abeline serves the steaks that Hoyt brought and slaps August’s hand when he tries to eat before grace. Hoyt is picked to say grace which Bonham initially disapproves of his approach. Liam asks what brings Hoyt to town, but he claims it’s just to see Cordell. Abeline asks about his oil job but it dried out. He explains his recent jobs and locations, with August being in awe. Liam and Cordell ask about other locations that are prisons. Hoyt mentions that he isn’t the only outlaw in the family, giving a pointed look to Stella. Bonham bangs his hand on the table then excuses himself to eat in the bunkhouse. Once he’s gone, Hoyt asks Stella about the bonfire as Emily started it back in high school.

Micki follows a LoJack operator’s directions to her truck, which is parked outside the Walker ranch. She isn’t able to reach Cordell. Inside, Hoyt and Liam give Stella conflicting tips on how to handle her court date. Cordell tires of the conflict, but Stella thinks they’re being helpful. Cordell notes that nobody benefits from the easy route, recalling Micki’s advice from earlier. Abeline emerges with a platter of hot peppers for the Annual Muy Caliente Competition. Everyone points to Hoyt to go first.

Micki finds her truck and walks towards it when she sees the Walker family inside laughing and chattering. Bonham cocks his rifle behind Micki and asks why she’s here. She explains about her stolen truck, which he knows it’s courtesy of Hoyt Rawlins. He introduces himself and shakes hands with her, inviting her to join him in the bunkhouse. She can’t arrest Hoyt as there isn’t enough evidence, so Bonham invites her inside for bourbon and steak. They sit inside the bunkhouse where he explains Hoyt’s story. He played football with Cordell, had a rough life, but Abeline can’t give up on a stray. He’s more of the “wild horses can’t be broken” type. She thanks him for the company and makes plans to pick up her rental car in the morning. He advises her against arresting Hoyt tonight but it’s just a matter of time before she can catch him. Cordell has a blind spot for past faces, but Bonham subtly encourages Micki to change that.

Hoyt and Abeline make plans to go mushroom hunting. Cordell and Hoyt talk with the latter hoping Cordell can catch his criminal. They make plans to hang out tomorrow but he suggests they stop by Side Step tomorrow to see Geri. Cordell knows there isn’t a chance that Geri still holds a flame for Hoyt, who is less convinced. Before he can leave, Cordell quietly warns Hoyt that if he is involved in the illegal dealings with Terreto, then he has no choice but to bring Hoyt in. Hoyt quips back that if he is, theoretically, Cordell would have to catch him first. As Hoyt leaves the house he does his signature victory kick. Cordell mutters for him to theoretically go to Hell.

The next morning, Walker is confused that Hoyt brought him to a storage facility. Hoyt opens one of the lockers to reveal that Emily’s red mustang is inside much to Walker’s surprise. As he looks over the car he is hit with flashes of memories of Emily and him in the car. Hoyt wants to give him a chance to win back the car.

In a flashback, Walker tells Emily to never leave him as he needs her encouraging voice to keep him going. Hoyt strolls past with Walker muttering that he’s probably hiding cards up his sleeves. Emily takes out the deed to the car as she wants to bet it for poker night since they’re broke. He refuses at first as he’s just starting to get attached to the car, which he references as her. He named her Stella, which she likes. It was the first thing Cordell thought of. He remarks they don’t need money but she notes that their family might. He realizes she’s pregnant and instantly begins listing things they’ll need. Even if they bet the car they can’t guarantee that Hoyt will play fair, so Emily suggests Walker keep an eye on him.

Micki visits Captain James to ask for his help as one of Walker’s friends is involved in the investigation. James figured out that it was Hoyt Rawlins based on the profile of the theft and eventual return. They can’t pin anything on Hoyt and instructs Micki to keep an eye on Walker, Terreto, and Hoyt. He figures that Walker is hanging out with Hoyt, gathering intel, convincing himself he isn’t crossing the line. He suggests that Micki convince him otherwise. He then tells her about a delivery truck that was stolen last night that he believes is linked to Torreto. He gives the manifest to Micki, who realizes that the delivery truck was stolen at four-am and her truck theft was merely Hoyt’s audition. James takes a call from Walker, listens to his rambling, reminds him it’s “Captain James”, then hangs up. He tells Micki that Walker won’t be in today as he’s gathering intel from a CI. He suggests she go to the Side Step for surveillance.

Hoyt and Cordell arrive at the Side Step where Geri isn’t thrilled to see her ex again. Hoyt tries to smooth talk her but she learns from Cordell that Hoyt’s been in town a whole day before seeing her, which Geri isn’t surprised by. He pretends to propose to her but she declines, though he produces a makeshift ring. She pauses then tells him to sit down as she gives them shots. Cordell shuffles the cards as Geri makes a toast to Emily. The trio is deep in a game and Geri tells Cordell that he takes a drink every time he has a good hand. Micki walks in under the guise of checking Cordell. He introduces Micki to everyone, though she is annoyed by Hoyt, and dumps a vial of gold glitter on his arm which she found in her truck. He offers to buy her a drink on his tab. She accepts but then arrests him for bribing a police officer, though Cordell protests. Micki claims she’s checking his blind spot and reminding him there is a line. Geri is unsurprised by Hoyt’s arrest.

In the office, Cordell protests that they can’t prove Hoyt is working with Terreto. She gives him the truck manifest for Wagyu beef, which is what the Walker’s had for dinner last night. She points out that he wants to be everyone’s friend even when they do something wrong. She’s holding him for 24-hours until she can find out when and where Terreto is getting the guns. She enters the interrogation room and asks Hoyt where he was to which he admits to being at a strip club. She reminds him that if she holds him for 24-hours he’ll miss the drop, but he doesn’t want to screw over Terreto. She produces a map and explains that they know Terreto is using a butcher truck company as a cover, but they have eight spots that Terreto could be using to pick up the guns. She just needs him to point out which one the drop is happening at then he’ll be free to go. He silently points to a location on the map. He then notes that Cordell got a partner upgrade.

At the bonfire, Stella’s friends cheer that she snuck out successfully. She reveals that her mom started the bonfire so she feels as though she’s upholding a family tradition. Her friends brush it off before spotting August, who is drunk and dancing embarrassingly. He begins to breakdance as Stella watches and notes that he’s risking extinction.

The Rangers and police prepare to breach the warehouse, but no one has eyes on Terreto. Cordell doesn’t think this is right and believes that Hoyt played them. James instructs Micki and Cordell to take a closer look. When they breach the building all that remains inside is Emily’s red mustang and note on the windshield. Cordell tells James that they don’t have anything. Micki reads the note addressed to “‘’Team Sassy Boots’’”, much to Cordell’s grave annoyance. Hoyt tripped off Terreto and they used a different pickup site. Cordell pieces together that Hoyt used a storage facility, remembering that the red mustang used to be in it. He and Micki leave the building.

At the bonfire, Stella stops August from walking across hot coals which he wants to do to impress Ruby. Stella pulls him aside and notices that he stole Grandpa’s liquor, which he retorts if she’s trying to drive their dad away by acting out and breaking the law. He asks if she’s trying to make him leave again, but she asks him not to say that. Before he can continue he begins to vomit while she pats his back. She tries to call Cordell but he doesn’t answer, so she opts to call Liam instead.

Liam and Bret are at a bakery to get wedding cake samples. As they walk to their car, Liam answers a call from Stella much to Bret’s chagrin. She tells him that August is drunk and vomiting, as they’re stranded at the bonfire over by Shaughnessy. He promises to be there in twenty, with Bret protesting that Stella can’t keep getting a get out of jail free card. Liam informs him that August is drunk, which Bret doesn't want to miss out on seeing.

Hoyt calls Abeline to tell her that he won’t make the mushroom hunt tomorrow. She assures him they can do it another time but he has to leave town. He apologizes for letting her down but she negates this fact, reminding him that just because his family is bad doesn’t mean he is. She will never forget that he saved Cordell. Hoyt calls her a port in his storm, but she hopes he finds still waters soon. They say goodbye, but after hanging up, Abeline because to cry. Hoyt is with Toretto and the crew.

Liam and Stella load August into the car. She apologizes for ruining their night but Lim assures her that she can always count on him. August is elated by the number of cakes in the back seat while Stella wants to know if Liam will be in court tomorrow. He can’t be there but assures her that she’ll be fine. Once in the car, August puts on the radio and finds a station playing decent music. He drums on the back of the car seats until everyone begins to sing and drum along.

Terreto’s crew loads the weapons as the police speed up to the building. The crew grab machine guns and point at the Rangers, while James announces their station and demands they drop the weapons. A shootout begins as Cordell and Micki fire back at the crew, while Hoyt dives under a truck to avoid the fire. One by one the crew members fall until the Rangers are able to move in, making numerous arrests, including Terreto’s. Hoyt climbs into Micki’s truck with a bag and steals her keys, speeding off. Micki and Cordell exchange a look and casually walkout. The truck shuts down much to Hoyt’s exasperation. Micki lowers her phone which has the safety feature installed, pleased with the events. Hoyt climbs out of the truck and is arrested by the agents. Micki knows this is hard but it could be worse. He asks about her friend Garrison but Micki tells him that Garrison didn’t make it as he never got the tough love he needed. She assures Cordell that Hoyt is better off where he’s going. It might not be easy, but it’s the right thing to do. Cordell agrees and realizes that he isn’t the only one who needs tough love.

The next morning, Stella nervously awaits her hearing and is confused as to why Walker isn’t in his uniform. He explains that he’s going as her dad, not a Ranger. He wakes a passed out August by hitting him with a pillow. The trio leaves the house and gets into Emily’s red mustang. Inside, Abeline is preparing for her mushroom hunt and refuses Bonham’s knife and company. She needs alone time. He apologizes about Hoyt’s circumstances but she ignores it. She gets her special knife as it has the proper angles and curves to cut the mushroom so it has the chance to grow back. Bonham isn’t sure if she’s talking about them or Hoyt. Abeline claims she’s just talking about mushrooms and walks past him. He remarks that he misses her which she knows, though she leaves anyway.

Geri pours a beer from an empty tap, so she calls Lewis to tap another one. Micki enters and asks for a shot of tequila. She gives her a twenty and the ring that Hoyt made. She explains that he left it for Geri before he left town. She apologizes for arresting hot but she was just doing her job. As she walks away, Geri asks if she wants change or another shot. Micki doesn’t want to drink alone so Geri pours a shot for herself. The women down their shots before Geri tells her the price is $45, smirking as she states she’s just doing her job.

The Walker’s leave the courthouse with Stella upset as she apologizes for what happened. Cordell tells her to face the music as they can’t change what happened. She will work off the fine, but she quips back if that’s before her 100-hours of community service or after her license gets suspended. August snorts at this so he and Cordell exchange “yeah’s” before they get in the car. He pulls over and tells everyone to get out. He tells Stella to get inside as he’ll teach her to drive stick while she has her license for one more day. August, on the other hand, will sweat out his hangover while he and Stella serve as his pace car. Cordell begins to show Stella how to operate the stick shift, which she understands pretty well. August realizes they’re driving and begins to jog beside it. Stella asks what the car's name is, but Cordell merely smiles as he places the bobblehead on the dash and glances over at August who is jogging to keep up with them.



Guest Starring

Special Guest Star


  • Marisilda Garcia as Sharon Terreto
  • Elvis Clark as Male Dancer
  • Sahara Ale as Liz
  • Ella Grace Harper as Robin
  • Gerardo Davila as Field Agent


  • A flashback reveals how Emily told Walker she was pregnant with their daughter.
  • Keegan Allen and Jared Padalecki actually ate the steak that was part of the family dinner.[2]
  • The peppers on Abeline's platter were real ghost peppers, not props.[3]
  • It took Kale Culley over a dozen tries to run next to Walker's car, as he often ran either too far ahead of it or too far behind.
  • During the break dancing scene, production had to stop for Kale to bandage his hands as the sticks on the ground cut his palms.


Micki: No one benefits from the easy route.
Walker (after Micki's truck gets stolen on their stakeout): MY BOBBLEHEAD IS IN THERE!
Walker: You son of a...
Hoyt: Oh, come on. Don't talk bad about a mother I never knew.
Micki: Sir, why is the man who stole my truck in your house?
Bonham: My wife invited him to dinner.
Walker: Hoyt, if you're caught up in this, I'm gonna have to take you down.
Hoyt: Theoretically, only if you catch me.
Walker: Theoretically, go to Hell.
Walker (to Micki): Because sometimes, being Mr. Conflict of Interest has its perks.
Hoyt's letter to Micki and Cordell: Dear Team Sassy Boots, sorry you guys suck. I still love you and look forward to that drink one day soon, Michelle. Here's Emily's car back, Walker. It was always hers. Tell Geri I love her. Hoyt. PS- we always knew it would end this way.
Abeline: Hoyt, just because your family is bad doesn't mean you are. You saved my boy, and I'll never forget that.
Hoyt: You're a port in a storm, Abby bear.
Abeline: I hope you find still waters one day.
Walker: You alright?
August: Yeah.
Walker: Yeah?
August: Yeah.
Walker: Yeah.
August: Yeah.





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