Clint West was a guest character on The CW reboot crime drama series, Walker.

Clint was the former ring leader of the Rodeo Kings operation and a convicted felon.


Clint was either 19 or 20 years old when he had a son with Crystal,Trevor who was not part of his criminal days as they left him with Crystal's sister Harriet who provided them updates on him. Clint later married Crystal and they became a wild and dangerous couple. Their exciting life together included joining a traveling rodeo, which they used to cover their bank robberies. Clint was arrested on March 5, 2016, for resisting arrest, DWI, possession of illegal weapons, assault, and misdemeanor drug charges. When he was released, he and Crystal enlisted Jaxon Davis and Twyla Jean into their robbery crew, becoming known throughout Texas as the Rodeo Kings. Their robberies often resulted in bank employees being critically injured and even killed. Clint's wild mentality and dangerous disregard for anyone other than himself often resulted in their robberies turning violent. When Jaxon broke his leg, the crew was short a member and eventually initiated newcomer Duke Culpepper into their crew.


In Duke, four months earlier, a rodeo took place in Texas. Two cowboys compete to capture a bull, while two of his friends cheer him on. Cordell cleans up the bull pens but keeps an eye on the group. A man and woman, Jaxon and Crystal, approach one of the riders, Clint, with Jaxon reminding Clint that he has to be fresh and limber for gameday. From across the lot, the new employee Duke Culpepper loudly boasts that he could beat Clint’s time. Crystal doubts it is possible and loudly negates Duke. Clint accepts the challenge but raises that Cordell must ride the bull for ten seconds or go home, to which Duke ups it to eleven and accepts the challenge. Crystal and Clint are intrigued by the behavior. Unbeknownst to them, Duke is an undercover Texas Ranger named Cordell Walker.

Twyla and Cordell watch the rodeo practice while sitting on bleachers and drinking. He’s dumbfounded about the way Twyla befriended Clint; he robbed her point blank so she followed him to a bar to become friends with him.

The crew drink at a bar named Annunziata's. Crystal is on-stage singing while Duke, Twyla, Clint, and Jaxon watch from a table up-front. Clint joins Twyla on-stage to sing their song. Unbeknownst to any of the crew members, Cordell visits the back room to meet his real brother ADA Liam Walker. He begs Liam to make the arrests tonight as Clint and Crystal will go down shooting. He tries to leave but Liam stops him, reminding his brother that arresting them tonight won’t be worth it. He needs them to step one foot on marble so they can put them away, labelling them as murderers.

Clint and the Rodeo Kings rob their final bank the next day. Things quickly get out of hand as Clint shoots at the police and federal agents who fire back, successfully wounding Clint who is forced to hide. Crystal is wounded badly and Walker applies pressure to her wound. Clint still wants her to make the drive but Walker warns that she’s already lost a lot of blood. Clint and Crystal refuse to leave without the money, with Clint ready to go out in a blaze of glory. Walker helps Crystal to the car while Clint distracts the police by shooting at them.

In Bar None, Trevor visits his father in prison and greets him by placing his fist against the dividing glass. He shows a photograph of Clint, Twyla, Crystal, and Duke Culpepper. He tells his father that he met a member of his old crew, Duke Culpepper, to which his father notes that Duke is dead. Trevor clarifies that Duke isn't dead and his real name is Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger, and he thinks Cordell is the reason his dad is beyond bars. From behind the visitors glass, Clint gives his son a dark look.


  • According to his arrest record, Clint is 6'0" tall and weights 175lb.


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