Connie Richards is a minor guest character on The CW reboot crime drama series, Walker.



In Back in The Saddle, Connie tells Rangers Ramirez and Walker that Hutchinson is out of the country. She delivers the message in a mock-tone of Hutchinson's voice, sparking Walker to remind her that she doesn't have to come all the way out of her office to tell them. She can just call them about messages, but she retorts that she's practicing for an audition.

In Don't Fence Me In, Ramirez and Walker receive an urgent radio call from Connie, who is working late at the station. She directs them to the Harlan Oil Field where the Sheriff needs backup. She explains that Sheriff Shaw received a distress call from the owner of the field, Bob Harlan, but when he arrived Bob was DOA with the shooter fleeing the scene. Connie describes the shooter as a Hispanic male in a yellow truck. A few days later, Cordell asks Connie to access the plant cam at the Harlan botanical gardens, which she does with ease due to her hacking abilities. Her ability to hack is surprising to Micki. Connie later patches Captain James through to Walker's radio frequency so he can hear them apprehending Monty Shaw.


Connie is a light-hearted woman with a sharp wit and intellect that is often hidden behind by her excited nature.


  • She is the first hacker introduced in the series.


Micki: "Wow, I didn't know you were also our resident hacker."
-- Don't Fence Me In