"I'm not gonna feel different about you. About being here. I'm learning. Now's all we got."
―Walker to Stella[src]

Cordell Walker is the titular character in the The CW crime drama series, Walker. Cordell is a man finding his way back to his family while investigating crime in the state's most elite unit. Our broken widower and father of two returns home to Austin after being undercover for ten months for a high profile case - only to discover that there's even more work to be done at home.[2]


Cordell Walker is the eldest son of Bonham and Abeline Walker, and the older brother of Liam Walker. He became friends with Hoyt Rawlins, a boy from a troubled family. They attended high school together alongside Emily, whom Cordell would go on to marry. After their marriage, they unexpectedly welcomed their first child Stella. Cordell inadvertently chose their daughters name when he named Emily's red mustang. They ultimately lost the car in a poker game against Hoyt.

After 9/11, Cordell enlisted in the marine corps. When he returned from deployment, he maintained a happy life with his wife, daughter, and eventually, their son August. Cordell became a Texas Ranger and was partnered with Larry James, and they became close friends. His life as a Texas Ranger, devoted husband to Emily, and doting father of Stella and August was suddenly uprooted. While playing games with his children and parents, Cordell received a fateful call from a panicked Emily, who told him that something was wrong. He tried to talk to her but heard two gunshots, followed by Emily's scream.

The investigation into Emily's murder lasted two days, as the Rangers caught her murderer, Carlos Mendoza, and he confessed to the crime. After Emily's funeral, Walker accepted an undercover assignment to take down the Rodeo Kings operation. He assumed the alias of Duke Culpepper and left his normal life behind. Part of his assignment included a romantic relationship with Twyla Jean. His contact with close friends and family dwindled as the case took longer for him to solve than anticipated. Seven months into his assignment, he stopped returning calls and went radio silent. This silence lasted for the final three months of his assignment. Cordell eventually closed the case and was able to return home to Austin, Texas, but his return is haunted by old memories of his wife, and he struggles to catch up on everything that happened in his absence.


In Pilot, Cordell Walker drives home after his shift, meeting with his wife Emily in the long driveway leading to their house. She asks if he caught his guy, which he did, of course, asking if she’s heading out already. She has to meet with Geri. They kiss and he ensures she’s going on the approved route, with her telling him not to worry. She tells him to go on up to the house for game night, though he still isn’t sure about the rules of the game. She assures him that they just want to see him, though teases him about losing the game. They kiss again telling one another to be safe.

The family plays a board game with Walker completely lost on the rules. He claims it isn’t fair that he’s losing as he doesn’t know the rules. Stella cheers as they all get a bonus turn if someone says the game isn’t fair. Abeline notes that Stella knew Cordell would fold. Walker’s phone chimes with an SOS message from Emily, so he excuses himself to call her back. She runs while talking to him as she claims something isn’t right. She doesn’t get the chance to explain as two gunshots ring out followed by her scream. The line goes dead. Walker goes outside to try and reach her. He doesn’t get ahold of her. She lays on the ground with a bullet wound, the phone ringing beside her. Her voicemail comes on and Walker lets out an emotional scream as he sobs and slides to the ground.

Eleven months later, the Walker family gathers for Cordell’s anticipated return. Cordell, however, sits in the back of his truck looking at the gazebo, fidgeting with a poker chip in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other. He remembers Emily by the gazebo with a smile. A state trooper, Micki Ramirez pulls up and asks for his license. He obliges after a witty remark. She takes him home as he can pick his truck up in the morning. He struggles to fit in the backseat as they talk about his unplanned trip to the lookout. He claims he’s still carrying the work with him so he decided to visit a ghost instead. His rambling leads her to believe he was undercover. He introduces himself as Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger. She drops him off his house as this is her last good deed as a trooper, explaining that she just got promoted. She gives him his keys and he stumbles through the door. He sits on the couch for a moment to look at photos of his family. He then lays down and falls asleep.

In the morning, Cordell jogs to the lookout to get his truck and hat. He drives through town and to his parent’s house, where Bonham Walker is watching horses ride in the corral. They greet each other with a handshake as Bonham remarks that it would have been nice to see him last night when everyone gathered to express their awe and gratitude. He makes his feelings on Walker’s extended absence clear. They make small talk over the horses before Bonham tells Walker to go up to the house to see his mother.

Walker obliges and is greeted by two dogs followed by his mother’s hug of gratitude. Abeline notes that if she knew he was coming she would have kept Stella home, but Cordell claims he’ll see her tonight. August runs up to hug his father, who remarks on his growth. Liam greets Cordell moments later and they hug before playfully wrestling until their mother yells at them to stop. Everyone hurries to finish their morning routines with August grabbing his lunch to leave for school. Walker is confused if Liam’s been living here, with Liam explaining that he has his own place in town though Bret wasn’t too keen on playing “my Two Dads” so soon. He assures Walker everything is fine. Walker thanks Liam for his help.

Walker heads to work where he greets Larry James, his former partner who is now his Captain. James remarks on how he had to eat several slices of pie and listen to Stan Morrison ramble about Walker’s greatness for an hour last night, with Walker teasing him about it and his promotion. They clasp hands as Walker explains he just needed a minute to pull himself together. He then asks what the case is about. James explains that an officer was attacked when he pulled over for roadside assistance, though he isn’t talking as he’s called in his union rep. Ranger Micki Ramirez remarks that something spooked him, as James elaborates that because an officer was attacked they called in the Rangers. He introduces Micki who is Cordell’s new partner, and the officer who drove him home last night. James notes that Walker just closed the Rodeo Kings case, to which she goes to ask him a question but Walker shoots her down as he doesn’t want to talk about it. James tells her to fill Walker in on where she’s at and walks off. Walker notes that he has some catching up to do.

Walker and Micki eat lunch as he congratulates her on the promotion. She explains that the Captain gave her patrol to do some recon on Walker, and he asks for her report. She explains that he’s the edge of a coin - not quite heads or tails just his way. She has a lot riding on the job and doesn’t want him to mess it up. He asks why she wanted to do this job, but she felt it was something she had to do even though it burned bridges with her family. He notes that Curtis was scared and she theorizes that he was afraid of something in the truck. He suggests they go through the traffic cam footage, but she knows that he means her. He quips that she doesn’t seem like the type to want special treatment.

That night, Cordell comes home for dinner where the animosity between him and his parents becomes clear. Stella is absent as she’s out with, Isabel, who is a friend from school. Abeline tells Walker that she enrolled the kids at Sacred Heart High, a Catholic school. The idea still doesn’t sit well with Walker, as he and Emily didn’t want to raise their children in religion. Bonham quips that Cordell should be thanking Aaeline for getting them a good education. Cordell learns that Stella is in soccer now and August has been using Emily’s old camera. Walker’s phone rings much to his parent’s chagrin. He excuses himself as he needs to pick Stella up from the police station.

The police officer, Randall, tells Walker that Stella and Isabel were picked up on possession of marijuana. He thanks Randall for the call but Randall tells him to thank Stan Morrison. As Walker finds Stella and Isabel, the tension between Walker and Stella becoming clear. He introduces himself to Isabel’s parents, Alma and Mr. Munoz, and he hopes they can meet to talk about their daughter’s. An officer asks to speak with Isabel’s parents. Stella hugs her friend and leaves with her father. At home, before she can leave the car, he asks what she was thinking. She deflects that mom always said he wouldn’t be on a case too long, though he never meant to be, things got complicated. She is angry that he didn’t talk to her for three months and bailed on his homecoming. He thinks it’s time they both stop acting like Emily is coming back. She leaves the truck in tears, storming past Liam who witnesses the ordeal. Walker, now emotional, leans his head back on the seat.

Cordell and Liam go to Side Step, with Walker not wanting to talk about Stella. Geri gives the boys two drinks, though Liam excuses himself to call Bret. Geri notes that it’s been a while and she was worried but thought it just wasn’t helping to talk to her. He explains that he just had so many questions that she couldn’t answer. He invites her out to dance, insisting on calling her by her full name. He eventually convinces her despite her protests. They dance and laugh, though a text from Micki distracts him. He has to get up early now. He leaves while she watches.

Walker and Micki meet in the office where she tells him about the car she spotted on the traffic footage. The car comes from a company called Green Thumb & Grace, a rehabilitation center for former criminals. They head to the store where Walker picks up a ceramic cross, pretending to talk to JC about his kids going to Sacred Heart. Micki is unamused by his antics, though he tosses it to her when Milo and his sister, Cheryl, approach them. Micki has him confirm that the truck is the company’s and they direct the rangers to Jordan and Alex.

Jordan recognizes Walker as the Ranger with the dead wife who was shot by the border. He snidely remarks that Walker couldn’t protect her. Walker quips back that he won’t be engaging with a low-life sparking Jordan to swing at Walker. Walker gains the upper hand and slams him repeatedly into a crate, though Micki pulls him off angrily. Walker’s hand is sliced open from the fight. Micki arrests Jordan while Walker storms off to bandage his wound.

Micki brings Walker to her house where she criticizes his handling of the situation while trying to find something to bandage his wound. Trey emerges from the kitchen and she introduces the two men, with Trey recommending more than antiseptic. She goes with Trey’s recommendation as he’s a medic, not her. Walker tries to justify his actions but his antics don’t entertain her. Trey returns and bandages his hand while Micki chews Walker out, with Walker making quick remarks back, much to Trey’s amusement. Micki storms out to return to work, while Walker receives a call from Stella’s school. Trey gives him a reassuring pat on the arm.

Walker hurries to Stella’s school where he sees Liam leaving the building. Stella didn’t come home forms school, nor did she appear in her afternoon classes. This is typical for Stella, though Walker’s frustration over not knowing his daughter seeps through. Liam reminds him that now isn’t the time for this. They can’t track her phone as it’s on airplane mode, so Walker calls a friend at APD for help. He thanks Liam for his help.

Walker meets with Mrs. Munoz in the hopes she’s seen Stella, but she hasn’t and neither as Bel. The woman is flustered as she thought Walker was here for her husband and herself, as they don’t have their papers yet. Bel didn’t know as she was born here. Walker understands and promises to do what he can to help.

He returns to work where he fills Micki in on the situations with the Munoz family and Stella, which frustrates Micki as she disagrees with the deportation risks. He is going to have Liam, his ADA brother, speak to the feds to speed up their papers. She explains that she isn’t speaking to her mother as she disagrees with her being an officer. To change the subject, Micki tells Walker about the intake interviews with Jordan and Alex. Alex requested extra protection upon his arrest out of fear. Walker thinks the charitable business is a good cover and remembers Officer Curtis dusting himself off after falling into the back of the truck. He asks if she still has the figurine she swiped. When they run it underwater they find a small bag of heroin inside, confirming their suspicions that the cartel is involved. Micki refuses to let Walker come as he needs to be with Stella. He hurries off to find his daughter.

Walker finds Stella at the lookout and their tension rises as they exchange sharp remarks. He asks what she’s playing at but she expresses this isn’t a game. He wants to end whatever is going on as she’s scaring everyone while he’s in the middle of a case. He can’t juggle everything She retorts that mom did it all but he lists everyone that she does have, but she just wants him. They argue before he tells her to get in the truck.

Micki goes to the Green Thumb & Grace with an officer to confront Milo about the drug operation. Milo acknowledges that Jordan and Alex weren’t ready for the program, but Walker interrupts as he walks up that the pair were on a heavy packing and shipping schedule. Cheryl emerges and things escalate quickly as she pulls a gun on them. Micki kicks it out of her hand and they chase her down. Walker pushes over rows of shelves to block the van while Micki tackles Cheryl to the ground and arrests her.

The partners visit Captain James to brief him about their arrest. James tells them that by taking down Clark’s ring, they unearthed a bigger link to the cartel. He offers Walker a job with a task force effectively immediately. Walker is honored though he has to think about it. James then tells Walker the way he handled the suspects earlier won’t be tolerated and created an unneeded mess. He tells Walker to do better.

Walker goes home where he finds Liam on a bench outside. He’s looking for Stella, though Liam notes that she’s inside and Walker realizes she’s hiding from him. Walker fidgets with the poker chip again and Liam calls him out on his mind not being at home. Liam knows the chip only helps him worry, with Walker asking why Emily had a poker chip on her the night she died. She and Geri were just supposed to drop supplies by stations in the desert. Liam tells him to stop thinking about it as it will make him crazy. Walker presses that her eyes were closed as if someone laid her to rest, and the perp today said that Walker couldn’t protect Emily. It made him start thinking about what he missed. Liam reminds him that Carlos Mendoza confessed, and Walker looked him in the eye and believed him. There’s nothing he can do to bring back Emily so he just has to be here.

Walker goes inside to speak with his parents. Bonham is still used with Stella though a look from Abeline makes him leave. Cordell talks with his mother who recommends he leave STelal alone for a while. She advises him that parenting doesn’t come automatically, as he has to take a minute to get ot know them again. She’s feisty and smart as just like him. August is good but Abeline warns Walker not to take him for granted. She thinks Walker needs to be here with his parents and recommends moving into the farmhouse on the edge of the property. He realizes that she’s already refurbished it and prepared the home. He tells her about the job opportunity to be in a task force, though August walks in before Cordell can explain. He wants to show his father the farmhouse. Unbeknownst to Walker, Stella overheard his conversation with Abeline.

Walker and August visit the farmhouse and Walker hallucinates a smiling Emily surrounded by warm light. August shows Cordell the farmhouse, including a table he recently refinished. Walker is proud of him. He then apologies for making him shoulder a lot and forcing him to grow up so fast. August asks if they can sleep out here tonight, which Walker is happy to do. August falls asleep on the couch and Stella brings in a blanket on request of Abeline. She heard him before about the task force and sits on the floor as opposed to next to her father. He tells her he won’t accept the job, nor will he feel differently about it in the morning, or her, or being here. He explains that he’s learning but right now is all they have.

In Back in The Saddle, Cordell walks to his truck carrying tools. He touches his saddle and remembers the day in which Emily gave him the saddle atop a horse. The pouch has their initials engraved on it. He thinks it’s perfect and they kiss. In the present, he closes the bed of his truck and drives off. He calls Abeline to tell her he’s fixing up the old house as he still has the mortgage there. She wants him to hurry home to hug his kids, with him planning to if they let him. As he’s removing a torn screen he sees empty beer bottles and signs of partiers. He texts Stella to ask if she knows of anyone who’s been using the house, to which she replies that she hasn’t and criticizes his formality in texts. He smiles and kicks a beach ball into the pool. He leaves the house but notices Stella and August’s handprints on the concrete slab, and remembers the day they imprinted them in 2011.

It’s morning in the Walker ranch, with Bonham teaching August how to use a leather kit, Abeline quipping on his lack of organization, and Liam making a smoothie for Stella. Walker tries to keep up with the family’s new pace but finds himself a step behind. He disagrees with Abeline’s encouragement to live in the farmhouse, as she thinks the children need stability while he thinks they need to get back to normal. Stella wonders if Walker ever thinks about where she and August want to live. Liam and Stella leave for school, while August assures his father that Stella gets like this sometimes and even goes to their old house sometimes. He’s fine anywhere his dad is. Walker appreciates the sentiment but has to leave for work, with August needing to work on his project before school. Liam takes him to school but invites Walker to lunch. When his parents’ exit, Cordell is left alone in the kitchen.

Walker goes to the crime scene where Micki fills him on the fire that resulted in the deaths of the stablehand, Matt Harmon, and prized racehorse Texas Nightshade. The partners go over to where James is talking o Mr. Manchester, the owner of the stable. Mr. Manchester and Jed tell the rangers about Matt’s life while Jed thinks they should talk to Dan Hutchinson, the man who lost a bid on Texas Nightshade. As they walk away, James criticizes Walker for not shaving, not calling him Captain and their reform which means wearing a white hat. He didn’t call Walker to the scene because he needs to be recertified as a Ranger. Until he passes he isn’t allowed on the field.

Walker protests in the office but James isn’t interested in having the discussion. He wants to make real change with his term in office and doesn’t have time to deal with Walker pissing him off. He brings up Walker looking at the footage from the border control beacons the night Emily died. Walker sits to explain as he fiddles with the poker chip, as he doesn’t think he gave himself enough time to think about the case. James knows the case is solved but Walker is worried they got something wrong. James apologizes for putting Walker on the Rodeo Kings case but he has to be stable on the job. Walker knows he’s right and leaves. Micki intercepts him as they need to take the tet together. She worries he isn’t up to taking the test but he jokes that he’s just a bit testy. Connie gives them a message from Hutchinson that says he’s out of the country, which the Rangers think is suspicious.

He goes to Side Step where Geri pours him a drink and listens to his overdramatic antics. He opens up that he couldn’t do it because he can’t even think straight or about anything but Emily. Geri sits beside him noting that she can hear her laugh, hear her changing the stations, second-guessing her directions, and still taste the overnight oats. They reminisce together but he blames himself since the only reason they don’t know what happened that night is because of how well he mapped out roads for her to take. He also can’t shake how they found Emily’s body with her eyes closed. Geri emotionally admits that she closed Emily’s eyes. While she doesn’t have the answers to everything in Walker’s head, at least she gave him that one.

At the office, Walker eats queso as he reads over the case files. He thinks someone staged the fire to fake Nightshade’s death, with her adding that he wasn’t going to win anyway due to his injury. To save face and insurance money, Mr. Manchester could have had him killed. Micki remembers that Walker isn’t supposed to be on this case, but he confides that this is the only place he fits anymore and asks her to let him help as an unofficial consultant. He plans to pass the recertification by having a sugar cube on him. In the meantime, the stable hand that died had a good family, fiance, and had no reason to set the fire. They need to find the racehorse to prove foul play.

Walker tells Micki that Manchester’s private jet is about to take off and a horse is wandering around downtown. They decide that Micki and James will catch Manchester before he can flee, while Walker goes to catch a horse. He tracks Texas Nightshade through the park, into the woods, across a river, and eventually finds him by a bush. He gives the horse a sugar cube and puts the harness on him. Across town, Micki and James pursue Manchester on his private airstrip and they exchange fire with the Rangers tire being shot. Cordell rides up on Texas Nightshade and James shouts that he’s certified, as Walker grabs Micki and pulls her onto the horse so they can pursue the criminals. She dismounts into the car and apprehends them.

The trio goes to Side Step to celebrate Cordell’s recertification. The jockey, Jed, confessed as he was in on it with Manchester, but couldn’t go through with it as he loved Nightshade too much. He freed the horse but thought it was a crime to give up on a thoroughbred. As they celebrate their win, Liam approaches and informs Walker that he missed lunch which he apologizes for. Liam brushes it off as Stella didn’t show up for her soccer game so now he can figure it out from there. Walker asks Micki to help him tie up a loose end.

Stella is at their old house with Bel, who thinks they should have just gone to the game and accuses Stella of using the party as a distraction for herself. Walker and Micki pull up so Bel leaves. Micki goes inside to close down the party while Walker reprimands Stella who angrily shouts that this isn’t their home as he isn’t going to do any of the things that mom did or be there. He shouldn’t get to be there now as he wasn’t there the first time around. She wishes Liam got custody of them when he tried and storms off.

Overcome with anger, Cordell speeds away without Micki and finds Liam outside their parent’s house. He shoves Liam and confronts him for trying to steal his children. They fight outside the house and wrestle on the ground until they separate long enough to yell at each other, with Liam justifying his actions as Emily was dead and Cordell was MIA for three-months. Liam didn’t want Stell and WAlker to be orphans. Their parents agreed, which angers Cordell. As they fight, Cordell brings up the poker chip as it doesn’t make sense and he wonders if it was a calling card. Liam shouts that he’s chasing ghosts and if he doesn’t stop, he’s going to lose everything. Liam walks away while Cordell notices August standing on the porch having witnessed the fight.

Cordell finds August on the steps of the farmhouse with a box, which August gives his father. It was supposed to be a gift from Emily for father's day - a poker set. She carried a chip with her to show everyone the chips. Cordell pulls the chip out of his pocket and puts it in the column where it matches perfectly. Cordell apologizes for his actions while August assures him they’ll figure it out.

The next morning, Cordell makes breakfast as Stella walks in. He attempts to ask about his mug but she doesn’t respond, so he texts her. They are able to open up more as they both admit to missing Emily, and he apologizes for not asking her where she wants to live. She takes his mug out of a drawer, as it reminded her of him too much while he was gone so she hid it. He takes the mug but decides that they should do something else instead.

He takes her to their old house to dig up the concrete slab with her and August’s handprints. She tries to lift it out with a shovel and it breaks in half. She is overcome with emotion despite him assuring her that it’s okay. He comforts her as just because it’s broken doesn’t mean they can’t take it with them. He pulls her in for a hug and comforts her. They return to the ranch where Walker talks to Bonham alone. Bonham gives him a new saddle and pouch. He knows that getting back to normal means starting fresh and saw the old one and reminded him of an old life. Every big birthday Bonham’s father made him something, and since he missed Walker’s birthday last year he’s giving him the pouch. The conversation is witnessed by Abeline.

Cordell goes into the farmhouse where Stella and August are watching his project. It starts with what Emily recorded and includes montages of them as a family starting from when they were children. The family watches it together as Cordell remembers the day they made the kids’ handprints on the slab, which turned into a hose fight between them. As he watches the video he becomes emotional, but can’t help but smile at the memories.

In Bobble Head, Cordell and Emily sit in her red mustang, with her assuring him that they’re ready for this big step. He drives forward a few feet then jerks to a stop, unable to drive a stick shift. She compares getting used to the stick shift as breaking a mustang, but he doesn’t want to break the car. He suggests going down to Side Step which she agrees with - as long as he drives. She puts a bobblehead on the dashboard as a reminder that he’s always smiling, with no judgment, and puts his mind at ease. He tries again and this time, he succeeds with much hesitation.

Seventeen years later, Walker puts the bobblehead on the dash of Micki’s new truck. He approves of the new vehicle which she is deeply confused by. He repeats Emily’s statement that the bobblehead is for good luck - always smiling, never judging. She is unconvinced but he asks if she’s tried her new features yet, but she hasn’t had time with the stakeout. It’s her first one as a Ranger, which he thinks is a big moment for them. He wants to use the time to get to know one another, but she would prefer to focus on the job. He reminds Micki that they’re only there to watch Toretto not arrest her. He tries to guess her middle-name but she deflects to ask about Stella, to which he claims they’re in a good place. He wants to live in their good place a little longer, but she reminds him that no one can live in a good place forever.

Cordell puts his feet on the dash and asks about how her parent’s parental styles, but she still deflects. She was talking about Garrison Murphy, her old friend, while Cordell was rambling. They had crazy teen years together and got into a lot of trouble, which he finds amusing. She notices that Torretto hasn’t left the club yet. They head inside and ask a male stripper if anyone is in the back, but there isn’t. They hear rumbling outside and flee to see Micki’s truck fleeing the scene. Cordell is angered at the loss of his bobblehead.

Cordell drives home where he is attacked from behind and thrown to the ground. Cordell chases the attacker around the truck until finally apprehending him, recognizing the man as Hoyt Rawlins. He throws Hoyt to the ground and accuses him of stealing Micki’s truck, as he knows Hoyt’s victory touchdown dance that was caught on camera. Hoyt feigns confusion, but Cordell isn’t buying it and demands to know if Hoyt is in town to work with Terreto. Hoyt claims to be in town to visit Cordell and gathers his hat. Cordell wants to know how Hoyt knew the Rangers would be there, to which he ominously answers that maybe they were spotted. Abeline emerges from the house and sees Hoyt. She runs to give him a big hug full of excitement. She ushers him into the house.

Abeline serves the steaks that Hoyt brought and slaps August’s hand when he tries to eat before grace. Hoyt is picked to say grace which Bonham initially disapproves of his approach. Liam asks what brings Hoyt to town, but he claims it’s just to see Cordell. Abeline asks about his oil job but it dried out. He explains his recent jobs and locations, with August being in awe. Liam and Cordell ask about other locations that are prisons. Hoyt mentions that he isn’t the only outlaw in the family, giving a pointed look to Stella. Bonham bangs his hand on the table then excuses himself to eat in the bunkhouse. Once he’s gone, Hoyt asks Stella about the bonfire as Emily started it back in high school.

Inside, Hoyt and Liam give Stella conflicting tips on how to handle her court date. Cordell tires of the conflict, but Stella thinks they’re being helpful. Cordell notes that nobody benefits from the easy route, recalling Micki’s advice from earlier. Abeline emerges with a platter of hot peppers for the Annual Muy Caliente Competition. Everyone points to Hoyt to go first.

Hoyt and Abeline make plans to go mushroom hunting. Cordell and Hoyt talk with the latter hoping Cordell can catch his criminal. They make plans to hang out tomorrow but he suggests they stop by Side Step tomorrow to see Geri. Cordell knows there isn’t a chance that Geri still holds a flame for Hoyt, who is less convinced. Before he can leave, Cordell quietly warns Hoyt that if he is involved in the illegal dealings with Terreto, then he has no choice but to bring Hoyt in. Hoyt quips back that if he is, theoretically, Cordell would have to catch him first. As Hoyt leaves the house he does his signature victory kick. Cordell mutters for him to theoretically go to Hell.

The next morning, Walker is confused that Hoyt brought him to a storage facility. Hoyt opens one of the lockers to reveal that Emily’s red mustang is inside much to Walker’s surprise. As he looks over the car he is hit with flashes of memories of Emily and him in the car. Hoyt wants to give him a chance to win back the car.

In a flashback, Walker tells Emily to never leave him as he needs her encouraging voice to keep him going. Hoyt strolls past with Walker muttering that he’s probably hiding cards up his sleeves. Emily takes out the deed to the car as she wants to bet it for poker night since they’re broke. He refuses at first as he’s just starting to get attached to the car, which he references as her. He named her Stella, which she likes. It was the first thing Cordell thought of. He remarks they don’t need money but she notes that their family might. He realizes she’s pregnant and instantly begins listing things they’ll need. Even if they bet the car they can’t guarantee that Hoyt will play fair, so Emily suggests Walker keep an eye on him.

Hoyt and Cordell arrive at the Side Step where Geri isn’t thrilled to see her ex again. Hoyt tries to smooth talk her but she learns from Cordell that Hoyt’s been in town a whole day before seeing her, which Geri isn’t surprised by. He pretends to propose to her but she declines, though he produces a makeshift ring. She pauses then tells him to sit down as she gives them shots. Cordell shuffles the cards as Geri makes a toast to Emily. The trio is deep in a game and Geri tells Cordell that he takes a drink every time he has a good hand. Micki walks in under the guise of checking Cordell. He introduces Micki to everyone, though she is annoyed by Hoyt, and dumps a vial of gold glitter on his arm which she found in her truck. He offers to buy her a drink on his tab. She accepts but then arrests him for bribing a police officer, though Cordell protests. Micki claims she’s checking his blind spot and reminding him there is a line. Geri is unsurprised by Hoyt’s arrest.

At the Rangers Division, Cordell protests that they can’t prove Hoyt is working with Terreto. She gives him the truck manifest for Wagyu beef, which is what the Walker’s had for dinner last night. She points out that he wants to be everyone’s friend even when they do something wrong. She’s holding him for 24-hours until she can find out when and where Terreto is getting the guns. Cordell watches the interview with great annoyance.

The Rangers and police prepare to breach the warehouse, but no one has eyes on Terreto. Cordell doesn’t think this is right and believes that Hoyt played them. James instructs Micki and Cordell to take a closer look. When they breach the building all that remains inside is Emily’s red mustang and note on the windshield. Cordell tells James that they don’t have anything. Micki reads the note addressed to “‘’Team Sassy Boots’’”, much to Cordell’s grave annoyance. Hoyt tripped off Terreto and they used a different pickup site. Cordell pieces together that Hoyt used a storage facility, remembering that the red mustang used to be in it. He and Micki leave the building.

Terreto’s crew loads the weapons as the police speed up to the building. The crew grab machine guns and point at the Rangers, while James announces their station and demands they drop the weapons. A shootout begins as Cordell and Micki fire back at the crew, while Hoyt dives under a truck to avoid the fire. One by one the crew members fall until the Rangers are able to move in, making numerous arrests, including Terreto’s. Hoyt climbs into Micki’s truck with a bag and steals her keys, speeding off. Micki and Cordell exchange a look and casually walkout. The truck shuts down much to Hoyt’s exasperation. Micki lowers her phone which has the safety feature installed, pleased with the events. Hoyt climbs out of the truck and is arrested by the agents. Micki knows this is hard but it could be worse. He asks about her friend Garrison but Micki tells him that Garrison didn’t make it as he never got the tough love he needed. She assures Cordell that Hoyt is better off where he’s going. It might not be easy, but it’s the right thing to do. Cordell agrees and realizes that he isn’t the only one who needs tough love.

The next morning, Stella nervously awaits her hearing and is confused as to why Walker isn’t in his uniform. He explains that he’s going as her dad, not a Ranger. He wakes a passed out August by hitting him with a pillow. The trio leaves the house and gets into Emily’s red mustang.

The Walker’s leave the courthouse with Stella upset as she apologizes for what happened. Cordell tells her to face the music as they can’t change what happened. She will work off the fine, but she quips back if that’s before her 100-hours of community service or after her license gets suspended. August snorts at this so he and Cordell exchange “yeah’s” before they get in the car. He pulls over and tells everyone to get out. He tells Stella to get inside as he’ll teach her to drive stick while she has her license for one more day. August, on the other hand, will sweat out his hangover while he and Stella serve as his pace car. Cordell begins to show Stella how to operate the stick shift, which she understands pretty well. August realizes they’re driving and begins to jog beside it. Stella asks what the car's name is, but Cordell merely smiles as he places the bobblehead on the dash and glances over at August who is jogging to keep up with them.

In Don't Fence Me In, Micki and Walker drive down the road in her truck. He asks how Trey is settling in, to which she replies fine. He brings up her middle name again as he never knows when a minor detail could help them. They receive an urgent radio call from Connie, who directs them to the Harlan Oil Field where the Sheriff needs backup. She explains that Sheriff Shaw received a distress call from the owner of the field, Bob Harlan, but when he arrived Bob was DOA with the shooter fleeing the scene. Connie describes the shooter as a Hispanic male in a yellow truck. The partners hurry to the field and pursue the suspect. Walker tells the driver to pull over but he swerves instead. Walker tells Micki to bulldog the truck as it’s heading for a flare that will trigger an explosion and kill everyone. She does so by swerving in front of the truck causing it to crash into a ditch. With the driver now unconscious, Micki examines a tattoo on his forearm that reveals him as a gang member.

At Side Step, Sheriff Monty Shaw and the Rangers gather to celebrate. Monty loudly tells stories as Micki and Walker watch. She can’t stop thinking about Enzo, as his daughter’s words seemed genuine. Walker assures her that she’s just doing her job. Everyone toasts to Monty before Walker introduces Micki to Stan Morrison, a businessman and co-chair of the Department of Public Safety Admissions. He approves the new Ranger hires. He wishes her luck with her partnership too Walker. Walker gets more drinks at the bar. On his way back to Micki, a man takes the drink as he claims that she likes bourbon instead. He introduces himself as Winston, an APD officer. Micki and Winston used to be partners, and when she arrives they share witty banter with Winston assuring Walker that Micki will open up eventually. Walker rebuttals Micki’s comment of not knowing her by saying he has tried but she won’t tell him anything. Micki strolls away and Sheriff Monty Shaw wraps his arm around her which she shrugs off. He assures her that the gang members won’t be bothering Micki. Cordell intervenes to tell him that Micki can handle herself. When Monty leaves, Cordell gives her a glass of bourbon and remarks that he’s learning.

Liam and Cordell carry in boxes with Stella wanting to paint her room which Cordell allows after they unpack. August agrees to help with the promise of pizza after. Cordell wants Stella’s help to unpack but she has community service at the stables near the outlet mall. He knows it’s near a prison as the Rangers keep their horses there. He warns her to be careful, as the prisoners do their service there too. When she leaves, Cordell asks Liam about Bel’s immigration case and is disheartened that it isn’t going well. Liam hopes the Munoz’s won't get deported but they are on ICE’s radar. He plans to talk with them tomorrow. Upstairs, August unpacks a box and finds a hat, camera, and an old phone. Cordell quickly takes the box and packs it under the guise that it’s his old casework and leaves. He is unaware that August kept the camera and phone.

Cordell puts his box on the shelf only to find love letters addressed to Abeline from a man named Gary.

The next day at the station, Micki fills Walker in on her theories on Enzo’s case. She notices his distraction but still asks him to keep things off-the-books as James isn’t thrilled about their investigation. He is surprised but agrees, also telling her his middle name but she refuses to tell him hers. Micki and Walker visit Enzo’s daughter Delia who isn’t happy with them arresting her father. She believes it’s because he was Mexican but Micki just wants to understand why he would go back to the Olvidados. Delia explains that the tattoo on his forearm of the teardrops was filled in, meaning he left that life for good. She’s in pre-med school with Cordell pointing out that Bob Harlan attended Delia’s Quinceanera despite his wife hating her.

They go to Harlan's home which has security cameras. She was at the Garden Gala waiting for Bob, though Enzo called to tell him the rig was out. She tells the Ranges that Enzo needed a raise which Bob refused. The only reason she didn’t socialize with Enzo was that the children didn’t like him. The partners talk to Harlan's daughter who tells them that Enzo used to look at her for too long and his presence annoyed her. She was busy the night her father died as she was at a party. The son accuses Enzo of hanging around too much and gives his alibi of a private jet. The lawyer reads the will where Bob leaves the entire estate to Enzo instead of his family. Instead, his assets should revert to his wife once the Rangers end their investigation. Cordell notes that they are on the books now.

Cordell and Liam meet at Side Step to talk about Abeline and Bonham’s relationship, as Gary and Abeline happened during his time away. Micki suddenly appears to give Walker the sketches she made of Enzo and Bob, as she saw their resemblance and thinks Enzo could be Bob’s son. Liam interrupts to introduce himself and the conversation turns to the quickness of Enzo’s arrest. Liam likens it to Carlos Mendoza’s arrest only two-days after Emily’s death, then quickly apologizes to Cordell for bringing it up. He claims it’s fine, so he and Micki realize that Enzo might have been framed by one of the Harlan’s.

Cordell and Micki visit Mrs. Harlan about her alibi for the night Enzo died. He tells her about Enzo being Bob’s son which she didn’t know, though Bob only recently adjusted his will. She doesn’t know why he adjusted though Cordell mentions that she never left the Gala. She offers to have Theresa, her daughter, give them the recording of the gala. Cordell tells her that the autopsy results aren’t in yet. As they leave, Walker asks if they can stop by the stable where Stella is volunteering. He casually drops Micki’s middle name which he only learned through the database. He thinks they should trust each other but she tells him that of the 164 rangers, which are mainly white men, she is the only Latina. She has her guard up because she can’t afford to lose this job, as it took her APD partners eight years to get to know her but gives him hope that he’ll get there. The partners stop by the stable where Cordell talks to the man in charge, Vern, who assures Cordell that Stella is doing fine. Cordell than asks Vern to keep his visit between them as he doesn't want Stella to think he doesn't trust her. Unbeknownst to Cordell, Stella is eavesdropping in one of the stalls.

At the station, Cordell tells James that they aren’t sure Enzo killed Bob Harlan. Micki tells them that the seating chart gives her as sitting alone, not with Bob. Cordell asks Connie to access the plant cam at the Harlan botanical gardens, which she does with ease due to her hacking abilities. The camera feed catches Mrs. Harlan and Monty Shaw, with Micki wondering if they conspired to kill Enzo. James reluctantly agrees to let them talk to the Sheriff.

The Rangers visit Monty who is on his way out, so Micki offers to ride with him while Walker follows. Monty agrees which annoys Walker but he follows anyway. He calls Micki who puts him on speaker so he can hear their conversation. She asks him questions and reveals that Enzo was bludgeoned and the gunpowder residue matches Monty’s. Walker asks Connie to patch James into the feed. Micki tells Monty her suspicions of him being a dirty copy who had an innocent man framed, causing him to become enraged, Micki puts Cordell on the car's speaker system so Walker can tell Monty to pull over. Instead, Monty pulls a gun on her which she shouts for Walker to bulldog the car. With Monty’s car stopped, Micki handcuffs him to the wheel and exit the car. She thanks him for the save and he assures her that he has her back. At the station, the Rangers and James celebrate Micki’s win with him approving of her antics. He also assures Micki that what happened to Enzo wasn’t her fault, as the autopsy confirmed that Monty shot Enzo who tried to defend himself when Monty hit him in the head with his gun. He was merely spooked by the Rangers vehicle but the head trauma was already suffered. Walker chimes in that Harlan’s estate goes to Delia, Enzo’s daughter instead. James gives them barbeque from Micki’s favorite place, per Walker’s intel which he has a lot of thanks to Trey. She thanks him for believing her about the case not feeling right, which he admits that he didn’t believe her, but trusted her.

At the Walker Ranch, Cordell visits Abeline to help her label the jars. She tells him that August came by to ask questions about Cordell’s happiness with him promising to talk to August. He asks if she’s happy with Bonham with her realizing he found the letters. Bonham knew about the letters but she claims that isn’t why he’s in the bunkhouse, which Cordell doesn’t fully believe. She doesn’t want to tell him more which he understands. He becomes emotional as he remembers that Emily used to snore too, admitting that he misses her a lot. She embraces him tightly.

Cordell enters the farmhouse to see the photograph of him and Twyla on the table. August apologizes for taking the camera and asks about the woman. He tells August that she was part of his undercover crew but they no longer hang out, as it was a job that is done now. He knows August has questions but doesn’t want to go back to the time. August worries that his dad looks happy in the photo but not now. Cordell assures him that he’s happy to be home but he’s just struggling to show his happiness. August asks why there aren’t photos of him and Emily, with Cordell explaining that Emily took the photos of the family but was rarely in them. He asks August to be the family photographer now. He gives him the camera and August takes a selfie of them together.

The next morning, Cordell checks on a sleeping August and finds the cellphone from his undercover case. He sees a new message from Twyla. She is surprised he’s out of jail and just arrived at Jarrow Motel. She urgently wants to meet. Cordell looks horrified as he reads the message.

In Duke,

In Bar None,

In Tracks,

In Fine is a Four Letter Word,

In Rule Number 17,

In Encore,

In Freedom,

In A Tale of Two Families,

In Defend The Ranch,

In Mehar's Jacket,

In Four Stones in Hand,


Cordell is a whip-smart and intelligent man with a knack for humor. He has a tendency to ramble about mundane topics, while maintaining a sense of quietness about his personal life. He is sassy, witty, and has a fatuous sense of humor. Cordell has a strong sense of duty as he enlisted in the marine corps after 9/11 and continued this sense of duty by becoming a Texas Ranger. He is dedicated to his work which makes it difficult for him to separate his work life from his personal life. His deep love for Emily grounded him and gave him a purpose beyond work or the military, even going as far as saying that her encouragement keeps him going. His love for his family is indisputable, though after Emily's death, Cordell struggled to find a reason for her death which left him obsessive. He was sent on a ten-month undercover assignment. Upon his return, Cordell leaned on alcohol to help him assimilate. His patience is tested repeatedly by his daughter, Stella, who struggles to forgive him for leaving. He longs for things to return to normal, even trying to force the normalcy, until Bonham reminds him getting back to normal means starting fresh.


  • In the 1993 series, Cordell Walker was portrayed by Chuck Norris.
    • Just like in the 1993 series, Cordell prefers being called by his last name, except by family.
  • Emily taught him how to drive a stick-shift in her red mustang.
  • He chose the name for his and Emily's daughter, Stella, after naming Emily's red mustang Stella. He claimed it was the first name that came to mind.
  • Cordell's poker tell is that he always takes a drink when he has a good hand.


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Micki: "Tall guy, white hat, laughs at his own jokes?"
Coroner: "That's Walker."
-- Back in The Saddle

Walker: "Hoyt, if you're caught up in this, I'm gonna have to take you down."
Hoyt: "Theoretically, only if you catch me."
Walker (when Hoyt leaves): "Theoretically, go to Hell."
Walker (to Micki): "Because sometimes, being Mr. Conflict of Interest has its perks."
-- Bobble Head