Don't Fence Me In is the fourth episode of the first season of The CW series Walker. It premiered on February 11, 2021.


MICKI IS PUT FRONT AND CENTER ON A NEW CASE – Micki is uncomfortable with the spotlight Captain James puts on her during a current investigation. Walker talks to Liam about their parents and learns there was trouble while he was away. Trey applies for a new job in town while Stella starts community service and August stumbles upon some secrets from his father's time away undercover.[1]



Micki and Walker drive down the road in her truck. He asks how Trey is settling in, to which she replies fine. He brings up her middle name again as he never knows when a minor detail could help them. They receive an urgent radio call from Connie, who directs them to the Harlan Oil Field where the Sheriff needs backup. She explains that Sheriff Shaw received a distress call from the owner of the field, Bob Harlan, but when he arrived Bob was DOA with the shooter fleeing the scene. Connie describes the shooter as a Hispanic male in a yellow truck. The partners hurry to the field and pursue the suspect. Walker tells the driver to pull over but he swerves instead. Walker tells Micki to bulldog the truck as it’s heading for a flare that will trigger an explosion and kill everyone. She does so by swerving in front of the truck causing it to crash into a ditch. With the driver now unconscious, Micki examines a tattoo on his forearm that reveals him as a gang member.

A press conference is held the next day for Sheriff Monty Shaw to celebrate the apprehension of the gang member, Enzo. Captain James and Micki talk about the oddity of the gang members being involved in the oil field as it isn’t usually their style. He ushers her to the stage where James praises her for her involvement in apprehending the suspect. Micki asks about a woman staring at them, who James explains is the perp's daughter, Delia. As she leaves the stage, Delia angrily tells Micki to do her homework, as her father would never be involved in gang life again. She shames Micki for becoming a cop and betraying her people.

At Side Step, Sheriff Monty Shaw and the Rangers gather to celebrate. Monty loudly tells stories as Micki and Walker watch. She can’t stop thinking about Enzo, as his daughter’s words seemed genuine. Walker assures her that she’s just doing her job. Everyone toasts to Monty before Walker introduces Micki to Stan Morrison, a businessman and co-chair of the Department of Public Safety Admissions. He approves the new Ranger hires. He wishes her luck with her partnership tooWalker. Walker gets more drinks at the bar. On his way back to Micki, a man takes the drink as he claims that she likes bourbon instead. He introduces himself as Winston, an APD officer. Micki and Winston used to be partners, and when she arrives they share witty banter with Winston assuring Walker that Micki will open up eventually. Walker rebuttals Micki’s comment of not knowing her by saying he has tried but she won’t tell him anything. Micki strolls away and Sheriff Monty Shaw wraps his arm around her which she shrugs off. He assures her that the gang members won’t be bothering Micki. Cordell intervenes to tell him that Micki can handle herself. When Monty leaves, Cordell gives her a glass of bourbon and remarks that he’s learning.

Liam and Cordell carry in boxes with Stella wanting to paint her room which Cordell allows after they unpack. August agrees to help with the promise of pizza after. Cordell wants Stella’s help to unpack but she has community service at the stables near the outlet mall. He knows it’s near a prison as the Rangers keep their horses there. He warns her to be careful, as the prisoners do their service there too. When she leaves, Cordell asks Liam about Bel’s immigration case and is disheartened that it isn’t going well. Liam hopes the Munoz’s won't get deported but they are on ICE’s radar. He plans to talk with them tomorrow. Upstairs, August unpacks a box and finds a hat, camera, and an old phone. Cordell quickly takes the box and packs it under the guise that it’s his old casework and leaves. August pulls out the camera and phone that he stashed under a pillow. Abeline is singing in the kitchen and is startled to see Bonham and Stan watching her from the counter. She is making jalapeno pepper jam which the men are happy about. She asks Bonham to ask Cordell to get more jars. Bonham shouts for Cordell instead, and Stan asks how Cordell’s holding up, but Bonham can’t imagine getting over the loss of a wife. He leaves to get his letterman. Stan and Abeline discuss her not picking up the new birdseed at the store.

Trey tries to get Micki to take a break but she is still struggling with the photo op. She feels like the token Mexican good guy used to take down the Mexican bad guy. He sympathizes with her but reminds her that a little girl might be inspired by her to become a cop. Micki explains her crime scene board to Trey, which he is supportive of. He has an interview for a new job lined up but she is distracted. She checks the database to see that Enzo’s gang activity dropped off in the ’90s but she isn’t sure if she should bring up the inconsistency as Monty is a legend. Trey assures her to take her shot. He then sees her sketchbook filled with superhero comics. Cordell puts his box on the shelf only to find love letters addressed to Abeline from a man named Gary.

The next day at the station, Micki fills Walker in on her theories on Enzo’s case. She notices his distraction but still asks him to keep things off-the-books as James isn’t thrilled about their investigation. He is surprised but agrees, also telling her his middle name but she refuses to tell him hers. Bonnie tells them that Enzo died an hour ago from his injuries. At the barn for community service, Stella joins Bel just as Vern gives her the mucking job. He introduces her to their newest hire, Trevor, who gives her equipment and takes the rest of the group to the paddock for their assignments.

Meanwhile, Micki and Walker visit Enzo’s daughter Delia who isn’t happy with them arresting her father. She believes it’s because he was Mexican but Micki just wants to understand why he would go back to the Olvidados. Delia explains that the tattoo on his forearm of the teardrops was filled in, meaning he left that life for good. She’s in pre-med school with Cordell pointing out that Bob Harlan attended Delia’s Quinceanera despite his wife hating her. They go to Harlan's home which has security cameras. She was at the Garden Gala waiting for Bob, though Enzo called to tell him the rig was out. She tells the Ranges that Enzo needed a raise which Bob refused. The only reason she didn’t socialize with Enzo was that the children didn’t like him. The partners talk to Harlan's daughter who tells them that Enzo used to look at her for too long and his presence annoyed her. She was busy the night her father died as she was at a party. The son accuses Enzo of hanging around too much and gives his alibi of a private jet. The lawyer reads the will where Bob leaves the entire estate to Enzo instead of his family. Instead, his assets should revert to his wife once the Rangers end their investigation. Cordell notes that they are on the books now.

August visits Ruby at Joe's Photo Hut, as she is in the darkroom developing photos. She is developing the photographs that August gave her from his father’s camera. A photo of Cordell with another woman appears. He grabs it and runs away. Liam visits the Munoz’s to counsel him on their choices, as the parents are in danger of deportation but not Bel as she’s a citizen. They could apply for asylum but it would take years. Mrs. Munoz suggests they stay out of trouble. Trey visits Micki with a towel around his neck. He gives her the comic he found that Micki drew and is impressed by her talent. He has a job interview that afternoon. Her case isn’t going well but she suddenly has a breakthrough and leaves. Cordell and Liam meet at Side Step to talk about Abeline and Bonham’s relationship, as Gary and Abeline happened during his time away. Micki suddenly appears to give Walker the sketches she made of Enzo and Bob, as she saw their resemblance and thinks Enzo could be Bob’s son. Liam interrupts to introduce himself and the conversation turns to the quickness of Enzo’s arrest. Liam likens it to Carlos Mendoza’s arrest only two-days after Emily’s death, then quickly apologizes to Cordell for bringing it up. He claims it’s fine, so she and Micki realize that Enzo might have been framed by one of the Harlan’s.

Stella visits the stable and is given a horse to brush by Vern. Trevor approaches just as a horse kicks down a gate and escapes. Stella mounts Sunny, a horse, and rides after the escaped horse with Trevor following closely on another horse. Cordell and Micki visit Mrs. Harlan about her alibi for the night Enzo died. He tells her about Enzo being Bob’s son which she didn’t know, though Bob only recently adjusted his will. She doesn’t know why he adjusted though Cordell mentions that she never left the Gala. She offers to have Theresa, her daughter, give them the recording of the gala. Cordell tells her that the autopsy results aren’t in yet. As they leave, Walker asks if they can stop by the stable where Stella is volunteering. He casually drops Micki’s middle name which he only learned through the database. He thinks they should trust each other but she tells him that of the 164 rangers, which are mainly white men, she is the only Latina. She has her guard up because she can’t afford to lose this job, as it took her APD partners eight years to get to know her but gives him hope that he’ll get there.

Stella and Trevor walk the horse to the stable to which she asks his advice on how to help her friend. He admits that he has the job only to be close to his imprisoned father. He advises that while she can’t change what happened, but not to pretend it didn’t as that won’t help any. She thanks him for his help. In the stable, she overhears Cordell and pulls Trevor into a stall to avoid her father who is checking in on her. She tells Trevor that her dad is a Texas Ranger, and he smirks saying that she has the tougher father. Back at the Walker home, August finds the woman in the photo on Cordell’s secret phone, Twyla Jean, and texts her hello. At the station, Cordell tells James that they aren’t sure Enzo killed Bob Harlan. Micki tells them that the seating chart gives her as sitting alone, not with Bob. Cordell asks Connie to access the plant cam at the Harlan botanical gardens, which she does with ease due to her hacking abilities. The camera feed catches Mrs. Harlan and Monty Shaw, with Micki wondering if they conspired to kill Enzo. James reluctantly agrees to let them talk to the Sheriff.

The Rangers visit Monty who is on his way out, so Micki offers to ride with him while Walker follows. Monty agrees which annoys Walker but he follows anyway. He calls Micki who puts him on speaker so he can hear their conversation. She asks him questions and reveals that Enzo was bludgeoned and the gunpowder residue matches Monty’s. Walker asks Connie to patch James into the feed. Micki tells Monty her suspicions of him being a dirty copy who had an innocent man framed, causing him to become enraged, Micki puts Cordell on the car's speaker system so Walker can tell Monty to pull over. Instead, Monty pulls a gun on her which she shouts for Walker to bulldog the car. With Monty’s car stopped, Micki handcuffs him to the wheel and exit the car. She thanks him for the save and he assures her that he has her back. At the station, the Rangers and James celebrate Micki’s win with him approving of her antics. He also assures Micki that what happened to Enzo wasn’t her fault, as the autopsy confirmed that Monty shot Enzo who tried to defend himself when Monty hit him in the head with his gun. He was merely spooked by the Rangers vehicle but the head trauma was already suffered. Walker chimes in that Harlan’s estate goes to Delia, Enzo’s daughter instead. James gives them barbeque from Micki’s favorite place, per Walker’s intel which he has a lot of thanks to Trey. She thanks him for believing her about the case not feeling right, which he admits that he didn’t believe her but trusted her.

Stella sits outside Bel’s house to apologize for her involvement in her parent’s deportation case. She gives Bel a jar of pepper jam from Abeline, with Bel accepting the apology but not letting her inside to talk to her parents. They say goodnight with Bel heading inside. Stella is thrilled to see that Trevor followed her back on Instagram. At the Walker Ranch, Cordell visits Abeline to help her label the jars. She tells him that August came by to ask questions about Cordell’s happiness with him promising to talk to August. He asks if she’s happy with Bonham with her realizing he found the letters. Bonham knew about the letters but she claims that isn’t why he’s in the bunkhouse, which Cordell doesn’t fully believe. She doesn’t want to tell him more which he understands. He becomes emotional as he remembers that Emily used to snore too, admitting that he misses her a lot. She embraces him tightly.

Micki returns home to find Trey shirtless in the towel-cape. She hugs him which he claims is part of his superpowers. She assures him everything is fine and is grateful for his help with the case. She asks about his interview for the position, Director of Sports Medicine and Assistant soccer coach at Sacred Heart High. She is thrilled for him and asks for all the details. He gives her a present, which is a framed image of her comic book sketch.

Cordell enters the farmhouse to see the photograph of him and Twyla on the table. August apologizes for taking the camera and asks about the woman. He tells August that she was part of his undercover crew but they no longer hang out, as it was a job that is done now. He knows August has questions but doesn’t want to go back to the time. August worries that his dad looks happy in the photo but not now. Cordell assures him that he’s happy to be home but he’s just struggling to show his happiness. August asks why there aren’t photos of him and Emily, with Cordell explaining that Emily took the photos of the family but was rarely in them. He asks August to be the family photographer now. He gives him the camera and August takes a selfie of them together.

Liam and a woman named Ada meet for coffee as he’s looking over the files for Emily’s case. She tells him that Captain James pulled surveillance logs a few days ago, which he finds odd since he told Cordell to back off the case.

The next morning, Cordell checks on a sleeping August and finds the cellphone from his undercover case. He sees a new message from Twyla. She is surprised he’s out of jail and just arrived at Jarrow Motel. She urgently wants to meet. Cordell looks horrified as he reads the message.



Guest Starring


  • Karina Dominguez as Alma Muñoz
  • Ricky Catter as Lorenzo Muñoz
  • Mandy McMillan as Connie Richards
  • Paola Andino as Delia Carillo
  • Katie Fountain as Margaret Harlan
  • John Enick as Bernard Harlan
  • Phil Mendoza as Mayor
  • Draper Wynston as Cop
  • Craig Cole as Vern
  • Selase Botchway as Lawyer
  • Morgan Calhoun as Ada


  • The title of this episode may refer to the notorious Western country music song Don't Fence Me In by Cole Porter.
    • Ironically, a similarly titled song played infamously on Pretty Little Liars, which starred Keegan Allen for seven seasons.
  • Patrick Kirton teased his guest starring role as Sheriff Monty Shaw in Don't Fence Me In during an interview. He said, “his name is Sheriff Monty Shaw, and they describe him as charming, kind of a flirter. But he's also a town legend in law enforcement. He just finished a case, and was kind of lauded for it. And he's getting ready to retire, and that's about all I can tell you.”[2]
  • When August looks through Cordell's undercover phone, he passes a contact labeled "Winchester Auto". This is an Easter egg to The CW series Supernatural which starred Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester for fifteen seasons.


Trey to Micki: You've got that star. Use it.
Walker: Did he just call me "Ranger Rick?"
Micki: He did and it was extremely satisfying.
Abeline: Are you happy?
Walker: Tell me what that means, Momma.
Winston [to Walker]: What did you do?
Micki: What did he do? What didn't he do?





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