End Run is the fifth episode from the first season of Walker, Texas Ranger and was premiered on November 13, 1993.


The wedding of Ranger Hoss at the Ranger Office is interrupted by a courthouse breakout of gang leader Axel Tate during which Trivette subdues the leader of the break-out, who to Trivette's surprise is an attractive woman, Katherine 'Kat' Prather, Axel's girlfriend whom was planning on leaving the gang life behind along with Axel. While Walker and Trivette transport the unruly Kat to testify in the out-of-state murder trial of Trigger Jenks is a gun smuggler who had in the past murdered a Ranger Captain who mentored Walker. Trivette struggles with his feelings for the dangerous woman who is being hunted by the now freed Axel and his gang which has been taken over by Trigger, who has ordered the reluctant Axel to kill his girlfriend, Kat to keep her from testifying against him.




  • Guest stars Gregory Scott Cummins and Henry Kingi previously appeared in the movie "Batman Returns" (1992).
  • Geography Error: One of the characters mention that Walker, Trivette, and Axel are 5 miles outside of Longview. However, at the gas station (presumably Longview), signs for Interstate 45 can be seen in the background. Interstate 45 runs nowhere near Longview.

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