Francis Gage is played by Judson Mills. He is Sydney Cooke's partner, both rookie rangers, yet both very good rangers. He is in seasons 7 and 8, appeared in 46 episodes.

History: Gage has one sister, and was orphaned at a young age. He was a bartender to pay his way through school. However his law enforcement experience prior to the Rangers is not known.

Fighting skills: Much like Trent and Walker, Gage is a skilled martial artist, and is shown to have some kick-boxing experience as well. He is also a gym rat, and on several occasions has been seen working out at home.

Personal: Gage is similar to the most male rangers in the show, having a macho outward attitude, but are soft spoken and genuinely cares about helping people and getting justice for the people they meet.


Sydney: While most of their relationship is strictly professional, it is shown that they have a mutual attraction to each other, and it is implied later that they do pursue a romantic interest in one another. It is especially high lighted when Gage loses his hearing temporarily and Sid sees that he has a cooked meal and is taken care of.

Julie: This is Gage's older sister and from all accounts all the family he has left, as he was orphaned at a young age and was never adopted.