Geraldine "Geri" Broussard is a guest character on the The CW crime drama series, Walker.

The bartender at a local bar called the Side Step. Geri is an old friend of Walker and his late wife, Emily, who hasn't seen Walker since Emily's funeral. It's clear that she and Walker have a history — a friendship and a shared tragedy.


Geri befriended Emily and Cordell Walker early-on in their marriage, and became close with both of them. She dated Hoyt Rawlins, Cordell's best friend at the time, though their relationship ended poorly. In their later years, Geri and Emily often made trips to stations to the Texas-Mexico border to deliver food and water to campers. One night, Emily was supposed to pick up Geri who had the supplies. While the events of the night are largely unknown, Emily was shot twice by Carlos Mendoza. She died that night, leaving Geri devastated. Geri found her body and couldn't bear to leave her friend in that condition, so she closed her eyes. After Emily's funeral, Walker accepted an undercover assignment, though he kept in contact with Geri. He had several questions about that night but she couldn't answer any of them. Eventually, the calls stopped and they lost touch.


In Pilot, Cordell and Liam go to Side Step, as Walker doesn't want to talk about Stella. Geri gives the boys two drinks, though Liam excuses himself to call Bret. Geri notes that it’s been a while and she was worried but thought it just wasn’t helping to talk to her. He explains that he just had so many questions that she couldn’t answer. He invites her out to dance, insisting on calling her by her full name. He eventually convinces her despite her protests. They dance and laugh, though a text from Micki distracts him. He has to get up early now. He leaves while she watches.

In Back in The Saddle, Cordell has a rough day at work and goes toSide Step. Geri pours him a drink and listens to his overdramatic antics. He opens up that he couldn’t do it because he can’t even think straight or about anything but Emily. Geri sits beside him noting that she can hear her laugh, hear her changing the stations, second-guessing her directions, and still taste the overnight oats. They reminisce together but he blames himself since the only reason they don’t know what happened that night is because of how well he mapped out roads for her to take. He also can’t shake how they found Emily’s body with her eyes closed. Geri emotionally admits that she closed Emily’s eyes. While she doesn’t have the answers to everything in Walker’s head, at least she gave him that one.

In Bobble Head, Hoyt and Cordell arrive at the Side Step where Geri isn’t thrilled to see her ex again. Hoyt tries to smooth talk her but she learns from Cordell that Hoyt’s been in town a whole day before seeing her, which Geri isn’t surprised by. He pretends to propose to her but she declines, though he produces a makeshift ring. She pauses then tells him to sit down as she gives them shots. Cordell shuffles the cards as Geri makes a toast to Emily. The trio is deep in a game and Geri tells Cordell that he takes a drink every time he has a good hand. Micki walks in under the guise of checking Cordell. He introduces Micki to everyone, though she is annoyed by Hoyt, and dumps a vial of gold glitter on his arm which she found in her truck. He offers to buy her a drink on his tab. She accepts but then arrests him for bribing a police officer, though Cordell protests. Micki claims she’s checking his blind spot and reminding him there is a line. Geri is unsurprised by Hoyt’s arrest.

Geri pours a beer from an empty tap, so she calls Lewis to tap another one. Micki enters and asks for a shot of tequila. She gives her a twenty and the ring that Hoyt made. She explains that he left it for Geri before he left town. She apologizes for arresting him but she was just doing her job. As she walks away, Geri asks if she wants change or another shot. Micki doesn’t want to drink alone so Geri pours a shot for herself. The women down their shots before Geri tells her the price is $45, smirking as she states she’s just doing her job.


Geri is a confident and strong-willed woman who owns a business. She is a good friend and confidante to Cordell.


  • Her LLP for the Side Step is Straw Ring. This is the same LLP she used to buy paintings from Carlos Mendoza's niece. One of the larger payments came two days after Emily's murder and have continued periodically after.


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