Isabel "Bel" Muñoz is a guest character on The CW crime drama series, Walker. She is portrayed by Gabriela Flores.


The CW's official character description: "Stella’s best friend, and Alma and Lorenzo's only child. She and Stella have a strong bond – and they’ve recently gotten into some trouble with the law."


Isabel was born in America to immigrant parents Alma and Lorenzo. She attends Sacred Heart High alongside Stella Walker, and the girls become best friends.


In Pilot, Bel and Stella are arrested for possession of marijuana at a party. Bel witnesses the argument between Stella and her father, Cordell. Stella wants to take Bel home with them but Walker refuses as minors have to be released by their parents. A few seconds later, Bel's parents Alma and Lorenzo arrive. She apologizes to her mother for getting into trouble, than hugs Stella goodbye as Cordell whisks her away.

In Back in The Saddle, Stella and Bel play soccer expertly, though they can’t play in the game that evening due to their impending court dates. Bel’s family has ICE sniffing around which worries her. The coach calls them in and Stella learns she’s playing center-back while Bel is still benched. As a form of protest and solidarity, Stella walks out of the game until she and Bel are treated as equals, something Bel assures Stella she doesn't need to do.

That night, Stella is at her old house with Bel, who thinks they should have just gone to the game and accuses Stella of using the party as a distraction for herself. Walker and Micki pull up so Bel leaves.



Bel (to Auggie): "It sucks when someone gives you fireworks, but no-one gives them back."
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