"So stop it with the poker chip and every other damn unknown under the sun. She is gone! And there is nothing that you can do. Except be here. Start being here."
―Liam to Walker[src]

William "Liam" Walker is one of the main characters on the CW reboot crime drama series, Walker.

He is a smart, slightly smug, but with a strong moral compass, Liam is Walker's younger gay and liberal brother who has been recently promoted to assistant DA. Liam and Walker are close, but Liam gives his brother no shortage of tough love. Liam has always stayed close to home, often sacrificing his personal life in favor of his family duties. In Walker's absence, he stepped up to take Walker's kids under his wing. Liam's close relationship with Walker's son and daughter makes Walker slightly jealous.[1]


Liam was born and raised in Austin, Texas, to Bonham and Abeline Walker. He is the younger brother of Cordell. As an adult, Liam moved to New York where he became an attorney, clawing his way to the top where he held the position of assistant districts attorney. When Cordell's wife is murdered, Liam made a presence in Cordell's life. When Cordell placed on an undercover assignment, Liam and his fiancé Bret moved back to Austin to help care for Cordell's children, Stella and August. Liam also served as the legal council for Cordell's undercover assignment.

When Cordell stopped communicating with the family in his final three months undercover, Liam filed for custody of Stella and August with his parent's blessing. His efforts were futile. In the final leg of Cordell's undercover assignment, he contacted Liam asking to meet. During their secret meeting, Cordell begged Liam to make the Texas Rangers#Rodeo Kings arrests tonight to spare the bloodshed that would happen the next day at the robbery. Liam couldn't make the arrests early due to a lack of evidence, but promised Cordell that everyone has his back. The next day, the Rodeo Kings did rob the bank and people were killed, with only two of the four crew members being apprehended.


In Pilot, it's been eleven months since Emily death and the Walker family gathers for Cordell’s anticipated return. Larry asks if Liam has heard from Walker but he hasn’t, but wonders if he knows his old partner is his new boss. A truck drives up but it isn’t Walker, much to Liam's disappointment. Stan Morrison greets Liam and Larry before heading inside. Liam guesses that Cordell is on the lookout in Lady Park Lake, as it used to be Cordell and Emily’s place. Larry sends a patrol car to check on the lookout.

The next morning, Cordell arrives at their parent's home. Liam greets him moments after August and they hug before playfully wrestling until their mother yells at them to stop. Everyone hurries to finish their morning routines with August grabbing his lunch to leave for school. Walker is confused if Liam’s been living here, with Liam explaining that he has his own place in town though Bret wasn’t too keen on playing “my Two Dads” so soon. He assures Walker everything is fine. Walker thanks Liam for his help.

That night, Liam is at family dinner and corrects his father politically incorrect description of Isabel Muñoz. He tells Cordell that Stella is interested in soccer now. He and August then leave to carve the roast. When Cordell comes home from the station where had to pick up Stella, Liam witnesses Stella's fight with Walker. Cordell and Liam go to a bar with Walker not wanting to talk about Stella. Geri gives the boys two drinks, though Liam excuses himself to call Bret.

The next afternoon, Liam is called to Stella's school as he is listed as her emergency contact. Walker hurries to Stella’s school where he sees Liam leaving the building. Stella didn’t come home forms school, nor did she appear in her afternoon classes. This is typical for Stella, though Walker’s frustration over not knowing his daughter seeps through. Liam reminds him that now isn’t the time for this. They can’t track her phone as it’s on airplane mode, so Walker calls a friend at APD for help. He thanks Liam for his help.

Walker goes home where he finds Liam on a bench outside. He’s looking for Stella, though Liam notes that she’s inside and Walker realizes she’s hiding from him. Walker fidgets with the poker chip again and Liam calls him out on his mind not being at home. Liam knows the chip only helps him worry, with Walker asking why Emily had a poker chip on her the night she died. She and Geri were just supposed to drop supplies by stations in the desert. Liam tells him to stop thinking about it as it will make him crazy. Walker presses that her eyes were closed as if someone laid her to rest, and the perp today said that Walker couldn’t protect Emily. It made him start thinking about what he missed. Liam reminds him that Carlos Mendoza confessed, and Walker looked him in the eye and believed him. There’s nothing he can do to bring back Emily so he just has to be here.

In Back in The Saddle, it’s morning in the Walker ranch, with Bonham teaching August how to use a leather kit, Abeline quipping on his lack of organization, and Liam making a smoothie for Stella. Walker tries to keep up with the family’s new pace but finds himself a step behind. Liam and Stella leave for school, but Liam and August hang back a moment so August can speak with Cordell. When they're ready to leave, Liam takes August to school but invites Cordell to lunch, which he agrees to attend.

Liam waits for Walker at the restaurant but Bret shows up instead, as he knew Walker wouldn’t show. Bret can’t believe Liam is still surprised that Walker didn’t show. He loves Liam but just wants him to shun his family and be with him instead - in New York. Liam isn’t keen on leaving Austin.

That night, Cordell, Micki, and James celebrate a win in their case. Liam approaches and informs Walker that he missed lunch which he apologizes for. Liam brushes it off as Stella didn’t show up for her soccer game so now he can figure it out from there. When Cordell finds Stella she tells him that Liam tried to get custody of her and August, which she wishes had happened. Overcome with anger, Cordell speeds away and finds Liam outside their parent’s house. He shoves Liam and confronts him for trying to steal his children. They fight outside the house and wrestle on the ground until they separate long enough to yell at each other, with Liam justifying his actions as Emily was dead and Cordell was MIA for three-months. Liam didn’t want Stella and Walker to be orphans. Their parents agreed with Lizm, which angers Cordell. As they fight, Liam thinks he should forget everything that doesn't make sense because Emily is gone. Cordell brings up the poker chip and he wonders if it was a calling card. Liam shouts that he’s chasing ghosts and if he doesn’t stop, he’s going to lose everything. Liam walks away while Cordell notices August standing on the porch having witnessed the fight.

In Bobble Head, Liam asks what brings Hoyt to town, but he claims it’s just to see Cordell. Abeline asks about his oil job but it dried out. He explains his recent jobs and locations, with August being in awe. Liam and Cordell ask about other locations that are prisons. Hoyt mentions that he isn’t the only outlaw in the family, giving a pointed look to Stella. Bonham bangs his hand on the table then excuses himself to eat in the bunkhouse. Once he’s gone, Hoyt asks Stella about the bonfire as Emily started it back in high school.

After dinner, Hoyt and Liam give Stella conflicting tips on how to handle her court date. Cordell tires of the conflict, but Stella thinks they’re being helpful. Cordell notes that nobody benefits from the easy route, recalling Micki’s advice from earlier. Abeline emerges with a platter of hot peppers for the Annual Muy Caliente Competition. Everyone points to Hoyt to go first.

The next night, Liam and Bret are at a bakery to get wedding cake samples. As they walk to their car, Liam answers a call from Stella much to Bret’s chagrin. She tells him that August is drunk and vomiting, as they’re stranded at the bonfire over by Shaughnessy. He promises to be there in twenty, with Bret protesting that Stella can’t keep getting a get out of jail free card. Liam informs him that August is drunk, which Bret doesn't want to miss out on seeing.

Liam and Stella load August into the car. She apologizes for ruining their night but Lim assures her that she can always count on him. August is elated by the number of cakes in the back seat while Stella wants to know if Liam will be in court tomorrow. He can’t be there but assures her that she’ll be fine. Once in the car, August puts on the radio and finds a station playing decent music. He drums on the back of the car seats until everyone begins to sing and drum along.

In Don't Fence Me In, Liam and Cordell carry in boxes with Stella wanting to paint her room which Cordell allows after they unpack. August agrees to help with the promise of pizza after. Cordell wants Stella’s help to unpack but she has community service at the stables near the outlet mall. He knows it’s near a prison as the Rangers keep their horses there. He warns her to be careful, as the prisoners do their service there too. When she leaves, Cordell asks Liam about Bel’s immigration case and is disheartened that it isn’t going well. Liam hopes the Munoz’s won't get deported but they are on ICE’s radar. He plans to talk with them tomorrow.

Liam visits the Munoz’s to counsel him on their choices, as the parents are in danger of deportation but not Bel as she’s a citizen. They could apply for asylum but it would take years. Mrs. Munoz suggests they stay out of trouble.

Cordell and Liam meet at Side Step to talk about Abeline and Bonham’s relationship, as Gary and Abeline happened during his time away. Micki suddenly appears to give Walker the sketches she made of Enzo and Bob, as she saw their resemblance and thinks Enzo could be Bob’s son. Liam interrupts to introduce himself and the conversation turns to the quickness of Enzo’s arrest. Liam likens it to Carlos Mendoza’s arrest only two-days after Emily’s death, then quickly apologizes to Cordell for bringing it up. Cordell claims it’s fine and leaves with Micki moments later.

That night, Liam and a woman named Ada meet for coffee as he’s looking over the files for Emily’s case. She tells him that Captain James pulled surveillance logs a few days ago, which he finds odd since he told Cordell to back off the case.

In Duke, Micki meets with Captain James, Liam, and FBI agent Tessa Graves. The meeting is in regards to Walker’s undercover assignment, “Operation: Watch the Throne”. Agent Graves is disgruntled that the op took him 10-months to complete. Larry explains that out of a 92-person traveling rodeo, Walker was tasked with identifying who was connected to the Rodeo Kings operation. He successfully identified four people, Clint West the show horse, Crystal West the wheelwoman, Jaxon Davis who had broken his leg which Walker used as his in, and Twyla Jean.

Cordell had an intimate relationship with Twyla, who worked at the banks which were robbed. Liam didn’t want to put Cordell on the stand to testify against her, as that would put the entire Walker family at risk, so Twyla was released. Graves blames Liam for her release. Graves notes that on the last Rodeo Kings job, 300K disappeared with Graves implying that Walker stole it as he was the last to see it. Micki wonders if anyone asked Walker about the situation, but Liam reminds her that Twyla is in the same town as Walker’s family and his kids would be at risk if they approached him. He thinks Walker is trying to get Twyla out of Austin, as he would never return to be Duke as he hated who had to be. Graves isn’t convinced which leads to bickering between Liam and Graves, as Graves is certain that Walker is dirty while Liam leaps to his brothers defense. Micki doesn’t like that their only options are to wait for the footage to free him or indict him, so she proposes a different idea - sending her in undercover.

The trio monitors Micki's conversations with Cordell and the Rodeo Kings. Graves is impressed by Micki, though James proudly states that is just what she does. They plan to build the rest of their case so they can put away the final two Rodeo Kings, as all they need is for them to step one foot on the bank property. Larry asks a distracted Liam if he’s coming, though the mention of “one foot” triggers a memory for him.

In a flashback, Liam receives an urgent text from Cordell who is still undercover with the Rodeo Kings. He requests to meet in the back room of a bar, Annuziata’s. Liam walks in to see Crystal on-stage singing while Cordell, Twyla, Clint, and Jaxon watch from a table up-front. Cordell and Twyla appear intimately attached. Liam waits in the backroom when a flustered Cordell suddenly appears, locks the door, and slides a table in front of it. Liam tries to talk to Cordell but he’s side-tracked. He takes off his hat, out his gun, puts his drink down, and plunges his face into a sink full of water, claiming that it helps him transition from one persona to another. He doesn’t have much time to explain, so he begs Liam to tell James to make the arrests tonight because Clint and Crystal will go down shooting. He tries to leave but Liam stops him, reminding his brother that arresting them tonight won’t be worth it. He needs them to step one foot on marble so they can put them away, labelling them as murderers. He assures Cordell that Graves and James have his back, then picks up Cordell’s revolver. He notices that there is only one bullet in the chamber, but before giving it back, reminds his brother that he needs one day and one foot. In the present, Graves asks Liam if he’s coming or not to which Liam shakily follows them out.

The Rangers and FBI arrest Twyla when she makes a play for the money alone, while Cordell pretends to flee, pull a weapon, and be shot by Graves. He falls face-first into the pool while Twyla is taken into arrest. Liam rushes over to the pool side as Walker emerges from the water with Liam helping him recover from the incident. He tells Walker that it’s over as Duke is dead and everyone is safe.

The Rangers and FBI convene in the motel parking lot. Liam walks over to Cordell and apologizes for not arresting the crew when Cordell told him too months ago. He blames himself for the deaths of the people in the bank, but Cordell reminds him that the bodies are on Clint and not Liam. He never wants his brother to forget that, and Walker hugs his brother.

That night, Liam visits James in his office to confront him about the drone footage from the night Emily died. They both know something is off with her murder.

In Bar None,

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In Fine is a Four Letter Word,

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In Defend The Ranch,


Liam is an intellectual man with a vast knowledge of the law. He has a strong moral code and a pretentious view of right and wrong, hardly seeing the grey areas of life. He tends to counteract Cordell's sense of impatience and obsession. Liam's duty to his family comes at the expense of his personal life, including his engagement to Bret. Liam provides a stable support system for Stella and August, who rely on him for most situations.


  • This is the first iteration to feature Cordell having siblings, as in the original series his parents were murdered.
  • Liam is the first LGBTQ+ character to be featured in the Walker universe.
  • He is responsible for the death of Clint West, having shot Clint to protect Cordell from being killed.


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