Monty Shaw is a guest character on The CW reboot crime drama series, Walker.



Rangers Ramirez and Walker receive an urgent radio call from Connie, who directs them to the Harlan Oil Field where the Sheriff needs backup. She explains that Sheriff Shaw received a distress call from the owner of the field, Bob Harlan, but when he arrived Bob was DOA with the shooter fleeing the scene.

A press conference is held the next day for Sheriff Monty Shaw to celebrate the apprehension of the gang member, Enzo, who allegedly killed Bob Harlan. At Side Step, Monty and the Rangers gather to celebrate with everyone toasting to Monty's success. Monty loudly tells stories as Micki and Walker watch. As Micki strolls away, Monty wraps his arm around her shoulders which she shrugs off. He assures her that the gang members won’t be bothering Micki. Cordell intervenes to tell him that Micki can handle herself.

Micki grows increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Enzo's death and Bob Harlan's murder, as she isn't convinced Enzo is guilty of killing Bob Harlan. When Enzo dies from a gunshot wound and head injury, Micki's suspicions are elevated, though she has doubts on whether or not to pursue them since Monty is a legend in law enforcement. She ultimately does and enlists the help of Walker, and together, they discover Mrs. Harlan's security feed that caught Monty and Mrs. Harlan having an affair.

The Rangers visit Monty who is on his way out, so Micki offers to ride with him while Walker follows. Monty agrees which annoys Walker but he follows anyway. He calls Micki who puts him on speaker so he can hear their conversation. She asks him questions and reveals that Enzo was bludgeoned and the gunpowder residue matches Monty’s. Walker asks Connie to patch James into the feed. Micki tells Monty her suspicions of him being a dirty copy who had an innocent man framed, causing him to become enraged, Micki puts Cordell on the car's speaker system so Walker can tell Monty to pull over. Instead, Monty pulls a gun on her which she shouts for Walker to bulldog the car. With Monty’s car stopped, Micki handcuffs him to the wheel and exit the car. She thanks him for the save and he assures her that he has her back. At the station, the Rangers and James celebrate Micki’s win with him approving of her antics. He also assures Micki that what happened to Enzo wasn’t her fault, as the autopsy confirmed that Monty shot Enzo who tried to defend himself when Monty hit him in the head with his gun.


Monty is described as charming, flirtatious, and a product of his time. He's also a town legend in law enforcement which has given him an egotistical edge and boisterous side when lauding over his accomplishments. He also has a dark side as he was willing to murder an innocent man for the benefit of his secret lover, Mrs. Harlan.


  • Monty is the first corrupt cop to be shown in Walker.