Ruby is a recurring guest character on The CW reboot crime drama series, Walker. She is portrayed by Madelyn Kientz.



In Back in The Saddle, August sees Ruby monitoring the AV Club stand outside of Sacred Heart High. She asks what he's planning for his "What Austin Means To Me" video project, as she hopes it isn't another rodeo competition. He confides that he's going to use his mom's old camera to show footage of his family. She offers to help with his project so they can be make his mom proud.

In Bobble Head, Ruby awkwardly brings up the annual bonfire to August, who initially shows disdain for the event and doesn't want to go. Upon seeing her disappointment, he changes his mind that he might see her there. She is pleased by his change in attitude. They see one another at the bonfire, though August gets drunk so they aren't able to hang out much.

In Don't Fence Me In, August visits Ruby at Joe's Photo Hut, as she is in the darkroom developing photos. She is developing the photographs that August gave her from his father’s camera. A photo of Cordell with another woman appears. Ruby mistakes the woman for August's mom, but August coolly tells her it isn't. He grabs it and runs away despite her protest that it isn't dry yet.

In Duke, Ruby stops by the Walker ranch to get August for their project, but he’s preoccupied with his father’s box. He thinks the evidence box is his fathers go-box which is lighter than before. She is confused if this is about the photo, but he thinks the woman is Cordell’s excuse to leave again. Ruby doubts that Cordell would want to leave as he just got back, but August is convinced his father is about to bolt again. Ruby suggests finding answers and confronting Cordell themselves.



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