Season 1 of the CW television series Walker premiered on January 21, 2021.[2]


WALKER, a reimagining of the long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” stars Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker, a widower and father with his own moral code, who returns home to Austin, Texas after being undercover for nearly a year, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home. Walker will attempt to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son, August and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter, Stella and navigate changes with the rest of the family. His ADA brother, William “Liam” returned home from New York and stepped in during Walker’s absence, making it all the more difficult for Walker to resume his place in the family. The perceptive matriarch of the Walker clan, Abeline doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind to keep everyone in line, and their traditional rancher father, Bonham isn’t much for long winded, sentimental prattling, but voices his opinion when it counts most. At work, Walker’s former colleague, Larry James, is now his Ranger Captain, and both men need time to adjust to their new dynamic. Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner, Micki Ramirez (one of the first women in Texas Rangers’ history). She knows there’s a lot at stake for her in this new job and is quick to school Walker on curbing his maverick ways. Walker’s not Micki’s only distraction, as her relationship with an old friend, Trey becomes more serious. The series closely follows Walker as he tries to balance all the new details in his old life while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.

Cast and characters


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# Image Title Air Date Director Writer
WLK101d 0125r.jpg
Pilot January 21, 2021 Jessica Yu Anna Fricke
SERIES PREMIERE – Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, returns home to Austin, TX, after being undercover for two years, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home. As Walker attempts to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son August and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter Stella, he finds that he needs to navigate clashes with his family – Liam, Walker’s ADA brother who stepped in during Walker’s absence, his perceptive mother Abeline and his traditional rancher father Bonham. Walker’s former colleague, Larry James, is now his Ranger Captain. And Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner Micki Ramirez, one of the first women in Texas Rangers’ history while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.
WLK102b 0218r.jpg
Back in The Saddle January 28, 2021 Steve Robin Anna Fricke
WALKER TRIES TO RECONNECT WITH HIS CHILDREN – Walker continues to try to reconnect with his family but finds that his kids have developed new routines with Liam. Back at work, Captain James tells Walker he needs to get recertified to be a Ranger, but old memories of Emily hinder his progress. Micki investigates a suspicious fire.
WLK103b 0422r.jpg
Bobble Head February 4, 2021 Randy Zisk Seamus Kevin Fahey
MATT BARR GUEST STARS AS WALKER’S CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND – Walker’s life gets more complicated when his childhood best friend, Hoyt Rawlins, returns to town. Abeline is thrilled to have Hoyt home but Geri has conflicted feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Micki has her suspicions about the real reason Hoyt returned to town.
WLK104a 0117r.jpg
Don't Fence Me In February 11, 2021 John T. Kretchmer April Fitzsimmons
MICKI IS PUT FRONT AND CENTER ON A NEW CASE – Micki is uncomfortable with the spotlight Captain James puts on her during a current investigation. Walker talks to Liam about their parents and learns there was trouble while he was away. Trey applies for a new job in town while Stella starts community service, and August stumbles upon some secrets from his father's time away undercover.
WLK105b 0438r.jpg
Duke February 18, 2021 Steve Robin Bret VandenBos & Brandon Willer
WALKER’S PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT HIM – When his past unexpectedly collides with his present life, Walker is forced to resume his undercover identity to keep his family safe. Micki gets caught up in Walker’s old case while August threatens to blow his father’s cover. Trey starts his new job.
WLK106a 0573r.jpg
Bar None March 11, 2021 Amyn Kaderali Casey Fisher & Paula Sabbaga
MICKI'S MOTHER DROPS IN FOR A VISIT - When Geri decides to sell the bar, it throws Walker through a loop. With so many memories attached to the bar, he asks Geri to reconsider and reminds her of all the good times they've had there with Emily and Hoyt. Meanwhile, Micki is shocked when her mother drops in unexpectedly.
WLK107a 0712r.jpg
Tracks March 18, 2021 Bola Ogun Casey Fisher & Paula Sabbaga
LIAM AND CAPTAIN JAMES HEAD TO MEXICO IN SEARCH OF ANSWERS – Captain James and Liam follow up on a tip regarding Emily’s murder. The duo head to Mexico for more answers but decide to keep their trip a secret from Walker. Meanwhile, Trey escorts Stella, August, and the girls soccer team to an away game but when things take a dangerous turn Trey, Walker and Micki have to team up to save the kids. Micki learns some shocking news.
WLK108b 0391r.jpg
Fine is a Four Letter Word April 8, 2021 Stacey K. Black Katherine Alyse
A TORNADO HITS AUSTIN - A tornado touches down in Austin and it's all hands on deck to keep the kids and community safe. Walker, Micki, and Trey rush to the school where Stella, August and Ruby are at a school dance. Bonham and Abeline stop at a store for supplies where old memories resurface and the two are forced to discuss their marriage. Meanwhile, Liam and Bret get trapped in an elevator and everything Liam has been carrying on his shoulders gets the best of him and he makes a rash decision.
WLK109a 0142r.jpg
Rule Number 17 April 15, 2021 Steve Robin Bret VandenBos
WALKER CLOSES IN ON EMILY'S KILLER - Walker and Captain James investigate a high stakes poker game where one of the players may have information on Emily's killer. However, the night takes a turn when Geri shows up to join the game. Meanwhile, Micki takes August and Stella on an unusual adventure.
WLK110b 0167r.jpg
Encore May 6, 2021 Stacey K. Black Blythe Ann Johnson
STELLA CONFRONTS CLINT - With the Sidestep now in their name, Walker, Stella and August put their stamp on the place. Liam turns to Bonham for advice on a career move, while Micki and Trey work through the aftermath of his injuries after the hurricane. Stella confronts Clint about Trevor and his response prompts Stella to make a dangerous decision that will leave a permanent mark on the Walker family.
WLK111a 0286r.jpg
Freedom May 13, 2021 Geri Carillo Alex Pillai
HOYT COMES HOME - Walker and Geri are both unsure of their feelings for each other after their kiss and things get very complicated when Hoyt comes home from prison. However, the welcome home party is interrupted when Micki and Walker get word that Clint West is on the run.
WLK112a 0070r.jpg
A Tale of Two Families May 20, 2021 Steve Robin Seamus Kevin Lahey & Anna Fricke
FLASHBACK - The show flashes back to the days right before and after Emily's death and how the entire Walker family dealt with the sudden tragic loss.
WLK113a 0428r.jpg
Defend The Ranch June 10, 2021 Seamus Kevin Lahey Seamus Kevin Lahey & Anna Fricke
THE WALKER FAMILY - Walker's past comes back with a vengeance and it threatens the very thing he loves the most - his family.
WLK114a 0667r.jpg
Mehar's Jacket June 17, 2021 Diana Valentine Casey Fisher
ROAD TRIP BLUES - Walker takes Stella and August on a road trip to discuss some devastating news. Meanwhile, Captain James enlists the help of Micki and Trey to find a missing military veteran.
WLK115fg 0053r.jpg
Four Stones in Hand June 24, 2021 Tessa Blake Paula Sabagga
WALKER TRIES TO HELP MICKI FORGIVE HER MOTHER - Micki's real mother, Mercedes, tries to make amends with her daughter but Micki doesn't want anything to do with her. Walker steps in to help and lands in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, August suffers from PTSD after what happened at the Ranch.
WLK116a 0197r.jpg
Bad Apples July 15, 2021 Aaron Carew Joel Novoa
CAPTAIN JAMES TAKES ON A CROOKED COP - Captain James leads Micki and the team into a drug bust with a dirty cop, Officer Campbell at the center. However, after Campbell is inexplicably set free, the cop targets the Captain's son, DJ, in retaliation. Walker gives Trey advice on his future.
Walker S01E17 Dig1.jpg
Dig July 22, 2021 Richard Speight, Jr Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke
"SUPERNATURAL'S" RICHARD SPEIGHT JR. DIRECTS - Walker and Micki investigate a bomb threat at the school that targeted Liam and Stan. Abeline and Bonham plan a vow renewal, and Trey's mother comes for a visit.
Coming Soon Clipart.jpg
Drive August 12, 2021 Steve Robin Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke
SEASON FINALE - Walker's world is shattered after receiving shocking news that changes everything.

Reception and Ratings

Series Premiere

Per the CW's official press release regarding the series premiere of Walker.

The CW’s new drama WALKER scored the network’s largest audience for a new series premiere (2.43million) since the debut of DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW five years ago (1/21/2016). Additionally, WALKER earned the largest audience for any premiere on The CW since the fourth season debut of THE FLASH on 10/10/17.
Last night’s WALKER debut saw The CW best total viewer delivery in the Thursday 8:00-9:00pm time period since just over four years (since 12/01/2016), and the single most watched episode of any show on the network since 1/30/18.
WALKER saw its total audience grow at the 8:30pm half hour (2.444 million v. 2.417 million) and retained 100% of its viewership in key demos from 8:00pm to 8:30pm.
Following the debut of WALKER, the third season premiere of LEGACIES rose to the show’s best total audience (717,000) in nearly a year (since 1/30/2020). The combination of Walker and Legacies lifted The CW to its most watched Thursday night (1.57million) in nearly 3 years.

On a L+7 (live and seven days) basis, the premiere of Walker was The CW’s largest delivery of any telecast since The Flash on Oct. 9, 2018, and was also the best L+7 P2+ delivery for any CW series debut since DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Jan. 21, 2016. Walker grew +52% over L+SD (live and same day) in total viewers, delivering 3.71 million total viewers.[10]


Number Title Viewers Demographic
1 Pilot 2.43M[11]
3.71M[10] (total)
2 Back in The Saddle 2.10M[12] 0.3[12]
3 Bobble Head 1.87M[13] 0.3[13]
4 Don't Fence Me In 1.73M[14] 0.2[14]
5 Duke 1.67M[15] 0.2[15]
6 Bar None 1.37M[16] 0.3[16]
7 Tracks 1.42M[17] 0.3[17]
8 Fine is a Four Letter Word 1.30M 0.1
9 Rule Number 17 1.13M 0.2
10 Encore 0.98 0.1
11 Freedom 0.90 0.1
12 A Tale of Two Families 1.02M 0.1
13 Defend The Ranch 1.04M[18] 0.2
14 Mehar's Jacket 987K[19] 0.1
15 Four Stones in Hand 1.08M[19] 0.1


  • The 2020 and 2019 political movements serves as kick-off point for the season. Series star Jared Padalecki said, "We talked about wanting to pose questions instead of proselytize our beliefs and forces answers down our viewers’ throats" when speaking on the political aspects of the season.[20]
  • Season 1 became available to stream on HBO Max following its season finale.[21]
    • Walker become only the third CW show whose streaming home is on HBO Max rather than Netflix.
  • The series premiere, aired on January 21, 2021, was The CW's most watched series premiere in five years.
  • On February 2, 2021, The CW ordered additional episodes for the series, upping its overall number to 18.[1]
  • On February 3, 2021, The CW renewed Walker for a second season.
  • According to Kale Culley, the cast were asked not to watch the original series as the production team wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the series and completely reimagine the series.
  • Episode eight began filming on February 11, 2021, per Kale Culley's Instagram takeover.
  • The horse that Walker rides is named Pal.
  • Rebekah Graf confirmed in a behind the scenes image that she would reprise her role of Crystal West in future episodes.
  • Ratings for all television programs on Thursday March 11, 2021, were impacted by President Biden's primetime address, forcing ratings down universally for the majority of time zones. The sixth episode of Walker, Bar None, dipped to a series low with 1.37 million viewers but ticked upward in demographic scoring a 0.3.[16]
    • The seventh episode of Walker, Tracks, saw a 6.75% uptick in ratings to 1.42 million viewers, and a 20% demographic uptick that remained at a a 0.3.[17]
  • Richard Speight Jr. direct an episode this season.[22] Richard played opposite Jared Padalecki in The CW series, Supernatural, where Richard played famed arch-angel Gabriel.
  • A complete soundtrack of the series is available on The CW site, and can be viewed here.
  • Ratings-wise, the series has been one of The CW’s top rated series for the 2020–21 season.
    • The season ranked in the CW's top ten shows for the season, beating many veteran hit series in the ratings.


Season 1 (2021) has an image gallery.


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