Season 3 is the third season of Walker, Texas Ranger. It premiered with Badge of Honor on September 23, 1994 and ended with Standoff on May 13, 1995. It had a total of 21 episodes.

List of episodes

  1. Badge of Honor -Walker and Trivette stop in a small town while transporting a likable prisoner. The sheriff rules the town with strict laws, harsh enforcement, and promotes racism with his deputies.
    2. Branded- Rustlers are stealing cattle and selling them. A cattle inspector tracks the group down, but is killed when he tries to arrest them. Walker and Trivette pick up the investigation of the rustlers and find the one who killed the inspector.

3.Silk Dreams- A new designer drug is on the market and highly priced for rich teenagers. When teens start dying after taking the Silk drug, the rangers must find the source and stop its spread.

4. Mustangs- A man contacts Alex about a problem but is killed before giving details. His last words are to save the horses. The rangers investigate the man's last days and find a plot to kill the wild mustangs on a range to make way for a development

5. Till Death Do Us Part -After a woman's car is forced off the road by a hit-and-run, Walker makes a daring rescue of her and her daughter. He is injured and falls into a coma in the hospital. Trivette and others search for the driver of the hit-and-run car

6. Rainbow Warrior- An elderly Native American chief dies. He learns that Chief Six Feathers was killed because he would not sign over his land for development. The chief's relative gets into trouble investigating the death. Walker and Trivette help.

7. The Road to Black Bayou- Walker, Trivette, and CD take a vacation together. While there to fish, some men think they are there to find his drug operation. This places the rangers in danger as they are hunted down.

8.Line of Fire- A policeman learns a few other policemen are stealing drugs from the evidence room in order to sell them. He is killed to keep him from telling Alex and Walker. The rangers investigate his death to find the dirty cops.

9. Payback- Car thieves are plaguing the city - they steal a specially adapted van used by a disabled boy. Walker is determined to find it for him. In the process of looking for it, Walker kills one of the thieves - a young boy whom Walker knows. It seems that the boy came from an affluent family. Walker has previously arrested him but his family used their influence to get him off the charges. And later Walker learns that someone has placed a million price on his head. And despite being told this, Walker's main concern is getting the van back.

10. Tiger's Eye- The daughter of a wealthy Texas businessman is kidnapped by a Japanese gang. The ransom request is for the businessman to turn over his security chief who had been a cop in Japan and was responsible for capturing many of the gang members

11.The Big Bingo Bamboozle- The leaders of a money laundering operation at a bingo hall are captured and put on trial. The accountant is asked to testify against her bosses. Walker and Trivette have to take her to court, but she keeps escaping them for her own agenda.

12. Money Train -Alex gets Walker and Trivette assigned to a movie being filmed as technical advisers. While on the set, Walker overhears several stuntmen talking about a train robbery they are planning.

13. Mean Streets -The homeless are being beaten by a group of teens who film their attack. Walker poses as a homeless man to see if he can catch them in the act.

14. Cowbow- A group of men kidnap a wealthy business man, and take others who were standing near. Alex is one of the people kidnapped. While the kidnappers are arranging for ransom, Alex manages to call Walker with information to help him find them.

15. War Zone- Men dressed as clowns are robbing banks at gunpoint. During one heist, an ex-partner of Walker's is killed. Walker and Trivette are determined to find the ruthless group. Walker helps the dead ranger's children cope with their loss.

16. Trust No One- The rangers attempt to capture counterfeiters. They escape, but the rangers take the fake money into evidence. When $5 million is missing, Trivette is accused. Walker must clear Trivette's name and find the real criminals.

17. Blue Movies- When a judge is murdered, Walker captures the hit-man and finds out that D.L. Dade ordered the hit. Since Alex has no evidence against Dade for murder, Walker gathers evidence for Dade to get him in jail

18. On Sacred Ground- Walker returns to the Indian Reservation when some Cherokees are accused of stealing pieces from an art gallery, claiming the pieces are really artifacts from a Native American region.

19. Case Closed- While on a drive, Walker and Alex find a child walking alone on the back road. She says her father was taken by men from space. The rangers and Alex investigate the strange lights and sounds despite being warned off by the Air Force.

20. Flashback- A geologist is killed after he claims to have found the lost treasure of Hayes Cooper, a Wild West Texas Ranger. Walker tells Trivette the story of the treasure as they investigate. Walker gets bit by a rattlesnake and has dreams of Cooper.

21. Standoff -The rangers help a Mexican security team protect a political candidate from an assassin.