Side Step is a bar located in Austin, Texas. It is frequented by a plethora of customers, including the local Texas Rangers.


In Pilot, Cordell and Liam Walker visit Side Step and the bartender, Geri gives the boys two drinks. When Liam excuses himself, Cordell invites her out to dance, insisting on it by calling her by her full name. He eventually convinces her despite her protests. They dance and laugh, though a text from Micki to meet her in the morning at work makes him leave early. She watches him walk away.

In Back in The Saddle, Cordell has a rough day at work upon learning that he needs to be recertified. He goes to Side Step to drown his problems and complain. Geri pours him a drink and listens to his overdramatic antics. He opens up that he couldn’t do it because he can’t even think straight or about anything but Emily. Geri sits beside him and they reminisce together. She is able to give him one answer despite him many questions. That night, Ranger Captain Larry James, new Ranger Micki Ramirez, and Cordell, go to Side Step to celebrate having closed their case and Cordell's recertification. Liam interrupts the festivities, spurring Walker and Micki to leave prematurely.

In Bobble Head, during a flashback, Emily and Cordell go to Side Step where they wait in the parking lot until Hoyt Rawlins walks by. It is in the parking lot that Emily tells Cordell of her pregnancy. In the present, Hoyt and Cordell arrive at the Side Step where Geri isn’t thrilled to see her ex again. He pretends to propose to her but she declines, though he produces a makeshift ring. She pauses then tells him to sit down as she gives them shots. Cordell shuffles the cards as Geri makes a toast to Emily. The trio is deep in a game and Geri tells Cordell that he takes a drink every time he has a good hand. Micki walks in under the guise of checking Cordell. He introduces Micki to everyone, though she is annoyed by Hoyt, and dumps a vial of gold glitter on his arm which she found in her truck. He offers to buy her a drink on his tab. She accepts but then arrests him for bribing a police officer, though Cordell protests. Micki claims she’s checking his blind spot and reminding him there is a line. Geri is unsurprised by Hoyt’s arrest.

The next afternoon, Geri pours a beer from an empty tap, so she calls Lewis to tap another one. Micki enters and asks for a shot of tequila. She gives her a twenty and the ring that Hoyt made. She explains that he left it for Geri before he left town. She apologizes for arresting hot but she was just doing her job. As she walks away, Geri asks if she wants change or another shot. Micki doesn’t want to drink alone so Geri pours a shot for herself. The women down their shots before Geri tells her the price is $45, smirking as she states she’s just doing her job.

In Bar None, Geri gives Walker his mail as it is still being forwarded to the bar, and he recalls having his thirty-second birthday party at the bar. Emily had given him a boars head named Denise, which Geri and Hoyt both thought was hilarious though they left the party early. Once they left, Walker hung the boars head on the wall in the place of a photograph. Emily protested by he claimed that after all the time they spent in the bar it's basically their bar too. In the present day, a beam falls from the ceiling and causes a mess.

Geri tells Walker that she is planning to sell the bar to a land investor who will tear the bar down and replace it with fancy condos. He protests but she thinks there's too much damage in the bar for it to be fixed, prompting him to declare the bar a crime scene until he can fix it. He scares off the investor and tries to fix the bar, getting help from Micki after he puts a nail through his hand, though their efforts are futile. Several beams fall fall which causes an even bigger mess. By the end of the night, Walker and his kids have a camping trip inside the bar to honor the one-year anniversary of Emily's murder. In the morning, Geri finds them and Stella proposes the idea of using Emily's life insurance money to buy the bar. She believes the money would be more than enough to remodel which Walker agrees with, prompting Geri to agree to sell the bar to him.




  • Side Step is the modernized version of C.D.'s Bar & Grill from the original series, Walker, Texas Ranger.
  • This is both Cordell and Liam Walker's favorite bar in Austin.
  • Two shots of tequila costs $45.