Stella Walker is one of the main characters on the CW crime drama series, Walker. She is the oldest child and only daughter of Cordell and Emily Walker. She is full of both questions and resentment for her recently returned father. She is also the older sister of August Walker. Stella is portrayed by Violet Brinson.


The CW's official character description: "Sixteen years old, insolent and riding an emotional rollercoaster, Stella is Walker’s teenage daughter. Headstrong and smart as hell, she resents her dad for being absent – and she’s not about to forgive him anytime soon. Her unrest leads her to ask questions Walker isn’t ready to answer."


Stella Blue Walker is the eldest child of Cordell and Emily Walker, and the older sister of August Walker. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, her athleticism shined through at a young age. She began playing soccer, basketball, and making friends. She had a happy childhood and life, until her mother's unexpected murder. Her father, a notorious Texas Ranger, accepted an undercover assignment that took him away from his children for ten months. In her father's absence, Stella and her brother moved in with their grandparents, Bonham and Abeline. Her Uncle, assistant district attorney Liam, moved back to Austin with his fiance to help take care of the children. In his time with her, Stella bonded with her Uncle and formed new habits without her father, who had ceased contact with her after seven months of being undercover.


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In Pilot, the Walker family plays a board game with Cordell Walker completely lost on the rules. He claims it isn’t fair that he’s losing as he doesn’t know the rules. Stella cheers as they all get a bonus turn if someone says the game isn’t fair. Abeline notes that Stella knew he would fold. The fun is cut short when Walker has to make a work call, though the remaining family members try to keep the fun alive while he's gone. Stella's mother, Emily Walker, is killed that night.

Eleven months later, the Walker family gathers for Cordell’s anticipated return. August is certain Walker is coming, but Stella sarcastically shoots the idea down. A truck drives up but it isn’t Walker, much to August and Stella’s disappointment. Stan Morrison greets Stella and August before heading inside.

That night, Cordell comes home for dinner where the animosity between him and his parents becomes clear. Stella is absent as she’s out with a friend from school, Isabel. Cordell also learns that Stella quit basketball to play soccer again. He then receives a call from the Austin Police Department informing him that Stella has been arrested.

The police officer, Randall, tells Walker that Stella and Isabel were picked up on possession of marijuana. As Walker finds Stella and Isabel, the tension between Walker and Stella becoming clear. He introduces himself to Isabel’s parents and he hopes they can meet to talk about their daughter’s. An officer asks to speak with Isabel’s parents. Stella hugs her friend and leaves with her father. At home, before she can leave the car, he asks what she was thinking. She deflects that mom always said he wouldn’t be on a case too long, though he never meant to be, things got complicated. She is angry that he didn’t talk to her for three months and bailed on his homecoming. He thinks it’s time they both stop acting like Emily is coming back. She leaves the truck in tears, storming past Liam who witnesses the ordeal.

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The next day, Stella doesn't come from school and ditches her afternoon classes, making her family worry about where she could be. Cordell searches for her and, after a few hours, finds her at the lookout in Lady Park Lake. Walker finds Stella and their tension rises as they exchange sharp remarks. He asks what she’s playing at but she expresses this isn’t a game. He wants to end whatever is going on as she’s scaring everyone while he’s in the middle of a case. He can’t juggle everything She retorts that mom did it all but he lists everyone that she does have, but she just wants him. They argue before he tells her to get in the truck.

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Walker goes home where he finds Liam on a bench outside. He’s looking for Stella, though Liam notes that she’s inside and Walker realizes she’s hiding from him. She overhears Walker's conversation with Abeline a few minutes later where he admits to thinking about leaving again for another operation. Walker and August sleep in the farmhouse that the trio will move into now that Cordell is back. August falls asleep on the couch and Stella brings in a blanket on request of Abeline. She heard him before about the task force and sits on the floor as opposed to next to her father. He tells her he won’t accept the job, nor will he feel differently about it in the morning, or her, or being here. He explains that he’s learning but right now is all they have. She slumps down and seems to relax a bit.

In Back in The Saddle, Cordell texts Stella to ask if she knows of anyone who’s been using the old house, to which she replies that she hasn’t and criticizes his formality in texts. As he's leaving, he notices Stella and August’s handprints on the concrete slab, and remembers the day they imprinted them in 2011.

It’s morning in the Walker ranch, with Bonham teaching August how to use a leather kit, Abeline quipping on his lack of organization, and Liam making a smoothie for Stella. Walker tries to keep up with the family’s new pace but finds himself a step behind. He disagrees with Abeline’s encouragement to live in the farmhouse, as she thinks the children need stability while he thinks they need to get back to normal. Stella wonders if Walker ever thinks about where she and August want to live. Liam and Stella leave for school, while August assures his father that Stella gets like this sometimes and even goes to their old house sometimes.

Stella and Bel play soccer expertly, though they can’t play on game day due to their impending court dates. Bel’s family has ICE sniffing around which worries her. The coach calls them in and Stella learns she’s playing center-back while Bel is still benched. As a form of protest and solidarity, Stella walks out of the game until she and Bel are treated as equals. She doesn't come home that afternoon which worries Liam, causing him to put Cordell on the case of finding his daughter yet again.

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Stella is at the Walker's old house with Bel, who thinks they should have just gone to the game and accuses Stella of using the party as a distraction for herself. Walker and Micki pull up so Bel leaves. Micki goes inside to close down the party while Walker reprimands Stella who angrily shouts that this isn’t their home as he isn’t going to do any of the things that mom did or be there. He shouldn’t get to be there now as he wasn’t there the first time around. She wishes Liam got custody of them when he tried and storms off.

The next morning, Cordell makes breakfast as Stella walks in. He attempts to ask about his mug but she doesn’t respond, so he texts her. They are able to open up more as they both admit to missing Emily, and he apologizes for not asking her where she wants to live. She takes his mug out of a drawer, as it reminded her of him too much while he was gone so she hid it. He takes the mug but decides that they should do something else instead.

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He takes her to their old house to dig up the concrete slab with her and August’s handprints. She tries to lift it out with a shovel and it breaks in half. She is overcome with emotion despite him assuring her that it’s okay. He comforts her as just because it’s broken doesn’t mean they can’t take it with them. He pulls her in for a hug and comforts her. They return to the ranch where Walker talks to Bonham alone while Stella heads inside.

Cordell goes into the farmhouse where Stella and August are watching August's What Austin Means To Me video project. It starts with what Emily recorded and includes montages of them as a family starting from when they were children. The family watches it together as Cordell remembers the day they made the kids’ handprints on the slab, which turned into a hose fight between them. As they family watches the video they become emotional, but can’t help but smile at the memories.

In Bobble Head, August and Stella walk to school together, with him pretending to be a Safari voiceover person. He compares the students around them to different animals and their nature-based behaviors. They are stopped by two girls who invite Stella to the bonfire but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea with her court date. She also doesn’t want to ask her dad for help as they’re finally on good terms.

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Abeline serves the steaks that Hoyt brought and slaps August’s hand when he tries to eat before grace. Hoyt is picked to say grace which Bonham initially disapproves of his approach. Liam asks what brings Hoyt to town, but he claims it’s just to see Cordell. Abeline asks about his oil job but it dried out. He explains his recent jobs and locations, with August being in awe. Liam and Cordell ask about other locations that are prisons. Hoyt mentions that he isn’t the only outlaw in the family, giving a pointed look to Stella. Bonham bangs his hand on the table then excuses himself to eat in the bunkhouse. Once he’s gone, Hoyt asks Stella about the bonfire as Emily started it back in high school. Hoyt and Liam give Stella conflicting tips on how to handle her court date. Cordell tires of the conflict, but Stella thinks they’re being helpful. Cordell notes that nobody benefits from the easy route, recalling Micki’s advice from earlier.

At the bonfire, Stella’s friends cheer that she snuck out successfully. She reveals that her mom started the bonfire so she feels as though she’s upholding a family tradition. Her friends brush it off before spotting August, who is drunk and dancing embarrassingly. He begins to breakdance as Stella watches and notes that he’s risking extinction.

Stella stops August from walking across hot coals which he wants to do to impress Ruby. Stella pulls him aside and notices that he stole from Grandpa’s liquor, which he retorts if she’s trying to drive their dad away by acting out and breaking the law. He asks if she’s trying to make him leave again, but she asks him not to say that. Before he can continue he begins to vomit while she pats his back. She tries to call Cordell but he doesn’t answer, so she opts to call Liam instead.

Liam and Bret are at a bakery to get wedding cake samples. As they walk to their car, Liam answers a call from Stella much to Bret’s chagrin. She tells him that August is drunk and vomiting, as they’re stranded at the bonfire over by Shaughnessy. He promises to be there in twenty. Liam and Stella load August into the car. She apologizes for ruining their night but Lim assures her that she can always count on him. August is elated by the number of cakes in the back seat while Stella wants to know if Liam will be in court tomorrow. He can’t be there but assures her that she’ll be fine. Once in the car, August puts on the radio and finds a station playing decent music. He drums on the back of the car seats until everyone begins to sing and drum along.

The next morning, Stella nervously awaits her hearing and is confused as to why Walker isn’t in his uniform. He explains that he’s going as her dad, not a Ranger. He wakes a passed out August by hitting him with a pillow. The trio leaves the house and gets into Emily’s red mustang.

The Walker’s leave the courthouse with Stella upset as she apologizes for what happened. Cordell tells her to face the music as they can’t change what happened. She will work off the fine, but she quips back if that’s before her 100-hours of community service or after her license gets suspended. August snorts at this so he and Cordell exchange “yeah’s” before they get in the car. He pulls over and tells everyone to get out. He tells Stella to get inside as he’ll teach her to drive stick while she has her license for one more day. August, on the other hand, will sweat out his hangover while he and Stella serve as his pace car. Cordell begins to show Stella how to operate the stick shift, which she understands pretty well. August realizes they’re driving and begins to jog beside it. Stella asks what the car's name is, but Cordell merely smiles as he places the bobblehead on the dash and glances over at August who is jogging to keep up with them.

In Don't Fence Me In, Liam and Cordell carry in boxes with Stella wanting to paint her room which Cordell allows after they unpack. August agrees to help with the promise of pizza after. Cordell wants Stella’s help to unpack but she has community service at the stables near the outlet mall. He knows it’s near a prison as the Rangers keep their horses there. He warns her to be careful, as the prisoners do their service there too. At the barn for community service, Stella joins Bel just as Vern gives her the mucking job. He introduces her to their newest hire, Trevor, who gives her equipment and takes the rest of the group to the paddock for their assignments.

Stella visits the stable and is given a horse to brush by Vern. Trevor approaches just as a horse kicks down a gate and escapes. Stella mounts Sunny, a horse, and rides after the escaped horse with Trevor following closely on another horse. Stella and Trevor walk the horse to the stable to which she asks his advice on how to help her friend. He admits that he has the job only to be close to his imprisoned father. He advises that while she can’t change what happened, but not to pretend it didn’t as that won’t help any. She thanks him for his help. In the stable, she overhears Cordell and pulls Trevor into a stall to avoid her father who is checking in on her. She tells Trevor that her dad is a Texas Ranger, and he smirks saying that she has the tougher father.

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That night, Stella sits outside Bel’s house to apologize for her involvement in her parent’s deportation case. Bel arrives late and tries to brush Stella off, telling her she's tired but Stella is insistent. She gives Bel a jar of pepper jam from Abeline, with Bel accepting the apology but not letting her inside to talk to her parents. They say goodnight with Bel heading inside. Stella is thrilled to see that Trevor followed her back on Instagram.

In Duke, The next morning, Stella shouts for Cordell to hurry as her team match for soccer is later that day. He passes his kids in the kitchen and lies that there’s a prison break so he has to leave town, with Stella asking if he’s still going to come to her game. He promises he will be but asks Stella to watch August who is grounded after the stunt he pulled, which confuses Stella.

At Sacred Heart, the soccer team is preparing for their team match with Stella noticing that Cordell still isn’t there. Coach Bobby introduces the team to their new assistant coach, Trey Barnett. Trey introduces himself and his former job in the North Horn of Africa, slyly stating that he expects that kind of excellence from the students. He proceeds to give them a pep talk with a “trample the Titans” chant. Stella wanders to the field distracted, but tells Trey she’ll work out her issue on the field.

Stella runs sprints on the field after their loss, with Trey knowing that her heart wasn’t on the field. He tries to get her to open up but she only has sarcasm for him. He offers to run sprints with her, but before they can start she tells him that her mom was a big deal in college soccer. Her dad never missed a game at U.T., but he was gone last year which is why Stella started playing soccer. She thought it would bring her dad back, but it didn’t. Trey is sorry her father is absent, but advises that she figure out who she's playing for - her dad or herself.

Walker comes back to the ranch house to find his evidence box and August at the table. He tells his father that if he’s leaving he needs to tell Stella himself. She emerges with Emily’s jersey as she plans to change her jersey number to hers. He apologizes to both of them but assures August that he isn’t leaving and it breaks his heart that he thinks it would. He explains to Stella that August followed him which was impressive as a recon op but dangerous. He yelled at August to get him away but didn’t mean a word of it, though August presses that he meant what he said. Cordell assures him that it’s over and that Duke is over because of August. Nothing will ever keep him away again. He wants to cremate Duke by burning all of Duke’s belongings. He tosses the matches to August and the family goes outside. August asks what Duke was like, to which Cordell explains that he pretended a lot to be happy, to feel whole, and to be in love. Stella relates to the feeling of pretending and Cordell hugs her. August burns the box of Duke’s belongings in the fire pit, with Cordell putting his arms around his kids as they watch the box burn.

In Bar None,

In Tracks, Cordell wakes up in the morning to find August cooking breakfast while Stella texts Trevor. Cordell is impressed by August’s cooking abilities, though slightly worried about his use of a blow torch. After he burned his hand on the hot skillet, Cordell tells his kids that Abeline and Bonham are still camping but they pass on their good luck for her game. Cordell promises to try and make it to her game, to which Stella does her best impression of her father’s promises. August chimes in that he can show his dad the footage as he’s filming the game with Ruby. Cordell remarks on the amount of time they have been spending together and August admits he’s going to ask her to the dance. Stella thinks they should talk about something simpler, offering deportation as a subject instead. After a bit of talking, Cordell leaves for work.

That morning, Trey loads up the gear and bags with the help of August, while Stella nervously texts Trevor as he’s late. Coach Bobby calls to the team to board the bus, just as Trevor pulls up and greets Stella who was nervous he would be late. He assures her everything is fine, choosing not to tell her about his visit to the prison to see his father. Once they arrive at the hotel, Stella tells Trevor about “Thirsty Balls” an underground keg scrimmage that is held each year. He zones out while she’s talking but assures her that he wants to be there, though he had a weird talk with his dad and he got under his skin and in his head. The only reason he came to Texas was to be close to his dad, but he wants to be far away at the same time. She understands but tells Trevor not to leave just because of his dad. It’s not their job to inherit their father’s baggage.

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The group sneaks out to an empty lot where they set up for the games. Stella is busy setting everything up while Trevor watches her and talks with August. Stella and Trevor hang out after she finishes and can be seen laughing together. As it gets darker outside, Trevor and August cheer on Stella until several trucks arrive and drive circles around the girls. Trevor tosses his cup aside and stands in front of the girls to tell the men they were about to leave. The men inform them that this is Southside Nation land but yet, they didn’t get an invite to the party so he demands a payment fee. Trevor informs the older man they don’t have money to pay with but the man ogles Stella and Ruby, saying they have plenty to pay with, to which Trevor insults the man. He proposes playing for the fee, and if one of them can score on him they’ll leave. Stella volunteers against Trevor’s objections. When she kicks the ball toward the goal one of the men shoots the ball. Trevor charges the man and tackles him, knocking the gun to the ground while Stella and August shout for him and the man to stop fighting. The fight continues until the gang members pull guns and aim at Trevor.

Cordell speeds to the scene where he tackles one of the men, while Trey shouts for the students to hide behind the dunes. Stella and Bel rush behind the dunes with August, watching as the gang is arrested. They are taken to the police station where Trey enters with Stella and August. Walker thanks Trey for putting himself on the line for his kids, but Trey is apologetic for letting them run away but Walker is appreciative that he made it right. When Trey and Miki leave, he turns to his kids to ask what they were thinking but is cut-off by his kid’s hugs.

Trevor, Stella, and August take Bel to a field where fireworks go off with a text from her parents telling her to look-up. He gives her a firework knowing that she can’t hug her parents but at least she can give them fireworks back. He worked with Stella to arrange it with Ruby’s parents. August and Bel set off the fireworks while Trevor and Stella talked about what just happened. She tells him to go to the dance with her unless he’s leaving Texas. He assures her that he has a reason to stay and kisses her cheek.


  • The character was originally named Robin Walker in pre-production, though her first name was ultimately changed to Stella for unknown reasons.
  • She was named her her parent's red mustang as her father had just accomplished learning how to drive an a stick shift.


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Stella (to Cordell): "What makes it ours? Are you cooking Sunday supper? Oven on all day singing in the kitchen? Are you leaving books on my bed that are important to read and then making time with me to talk about them? Are you teaching August the guitar, are you taking us to the ranch to help birth a calf, or are you just gone? Like always. Being back isn't enough. Being back doesn't make it normal, you shouldn't get a second chance because you weren't here the first time around. I wish Uncle Liam had gotten custody of us when he tried."
-- Back in The Saddle

Stella (to Trevor): "Speaking from experience, it's not our job to inherit our dads' baggage."
-- Tracks