Twyla Jean is a guest character on The CW reboot crime drama series, Walker.


Twyla Jean was born on August 20, 1992 and resided in San Antonio, Texas. She was a banker who was robbed pointblank by Clint West. She followed Clint to a bar to become his friend, which was her introduction into his bank robbery crew the Rodeo Kings. She had a no arrest record which made it difficult for the Texas Rangers to identify her involvement with the Rodeo Kings.


In Don't Fence Me In, August finds Cordell's box from his undercover alias that includes a camera and old cell phone. He steals both and develops the film on the camera. One of the photos features Cordell with a blonde woman on his lap, both looking very happy. When he returns home, August finds the woman in the photo on the phone, identifying her as Twyla Jean, and texts her hello. Cordell enters the farmhouse to see the photograph of him and Twyla on the table. August apologizes for taking the camera and asks about the woman. He tells August that she was part of his undercover crew but they no longer hang out, as it was a job that is done now. The next morning, Cordell checks on a sleeping August and finds the cellphone from his undercover case. He sees a new message from Twyla. She is surprised he’s out of jail and just arrived at Jarrow Motel. She urgently wants to meet. Cordell looks horrified as he reads the message.



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